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BorECO PP for Sewage

BorECO PP for Sewage


BorECO PP grades for sewage and drainage pipe networks:


Polypropylene is today the fastest growing material for the production of sewage and drainage pipe systems, offering the following benefits:


Ø  Cost saving: Low weight/meter pipe


Ø  Greater durability: Expected lifetime of at least 100 years


Ø  Balance of stiffness and flexibility: Able to withstand weight through flexible properties


Ø  Design: Total freedom in pipe design and ability to optimize properties


Ø  Safe handling and installation: Low pipe weight and easy installation in the trench


Ø  Jointing techniques and flexibility: Large choice of jointing techniques are possible


Ø  High impact resistance: Easy and safe transportation, even at low temperatures


Ø  High chemical resistance: Eliminate possibility of internal or external corrosion


Ø  Innovative image: Fast developing market area


Ø  Environmentally sound solution: Less chance of leakage and subsequent pollution



Borouge PP product list for non-pressure buried sewage/drainage pipes:


Grade (***)           

Type of Material      

Typical Applications 

BorECO BA212E        

Natural PP-HM     1700 MPa         

Underground drainage & sewage, solid & structured wall systems


Natural PP-B        1500 MPa         

Underground drainage & sewage structured wall systems


Natural PP-HM     1300 MPa         

Underground drainage & sewage structured wall systems


(***)       For further details on non-pressure grades please click here to see the Product Selector