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PP and PX

Heating and Plumbing Systems

Borouge PP-R Borstar® RA140E is designed for plumbing and heating pressure systems.

Pipes for plumbing and heating need to comply with the strictest safety and quality standards to prevent risks to human safety. Borstar® RA140E is a random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) that satisfies these requirements.

Possessing a unique tri-modal structure produced by linking three reactors in series, Borstar® RA140E is engineered to provide an optimal balance of processable and mechanical properties. This, together with the material’s exceptional propensity for pressure and long-term heat resistance, makes it particularly suitable for high quality heating systems, hot and cold water piping networks and drinking water pipes.



Borstar® RA140E is ideal for the production of pipes and fittings for:

  • Hot and cold drinking water networks
  • Heating systems
  • Chilled water networks in air-conditioning systems
  • Transport of a wide range of industrial chemicals
  • Compressed air installations
  • Other industrial applications

Fully compliant with certified industry safety standards

Borstar® RA140E is fully compliant with international food and drinking water safety regulations, with independent tests on the material’s organoleptic properties conducted on a quarterly basis at the Technologiezentrum Wasser (TZW: DVGW) laboratory in Germany to ensure that they meet the KTW – a series of recommendations governing the use of plastic materials for the transportation of drinking water. Borstar® RA140E also meets the requirements documented under the DVGW W270 – a German standard governing the protection of drinking water against micro-organisms in non-metallic materials.

Environmentally safe and sustainable

Borstar® RA140E is free of heavy metals and other additives that may be harmful to the environment. Upon the completion of their service lives, pipes and fittings made from the material can be recycled to produce new end products.

Key benefits

The key benefits of pipes and fittings made from Borstar® RA140E are:

  • Long service life
    • Can be used for up to 50 years at temperatures as high as 70°C
    • Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, ensuring a long service life
  • Installation
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Can be welded together using heat fusion technology, ensuring a reliable and homogenous connection
  • Energy saving
    • Minimises heat losses in hot water applications more effectively compared to pipes made from other materials
  • Certified safe
    • RA130E pipes and fittings comply with international food and drinking water contact regulations.
  • Material performance
    • Results from practical machine trails show a shortening of the injection moulding cycle by up to 20% with the use of Borstar® RA140E
    • Compared to standard PP-R materials, the material impact performance of Borstar® RA140E at 23°C and 0°C is higher by 100% and 40% respectively
    • Results from practical pipe extrusion trials show a higher extrusion output of up to 10% with the use of Borstar® RA140E
    • Powered by our advanced Borealis Nucleated Technology (BNT) platform, the material’s uniform shrinkage properties enable a 40% improvement in the dimensional stability of pipes and fittings. Surface quality is also improved.
    • Uniform shrinkage is independent of color masterbatch used