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Industrial and Agriculture

Building on the established advantages of our Borstar® bimodal process technology, Borouge offers a broad range of polyethylene (PE) suited for producing the most demanding films products required by the industrial and agriculture sectors. Our family of Borstar® Enhanced PE grades leads the market providing high performance properties for a variety of urban applications and rural infrastructure developments.


Possible applications for our Borstar® PE grades include agricultural films for: greenhouse tunnels, mulching and silage, flexible and stiff geomembranes for thick liners and covers for landfills, canals, ponds and tough terrain conditions. In addition, we have Borstar® PE grades for Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks (HDSS) used for a variety of heavy goods such as plastic pellets, pigments, fertilizer, sand and dry food.

Borstar® key benefits

Our Borstar® Enhanced polyethylene grades provide the following key advantages:

  • Excellent combination of high impact and seal strength
  • Tear resistance
  • Increased stiffness
  • Matt surface
  • Toughness
  • Material savings and lower costs
  • Shorter production cycle
  • Reduced transportation costs

Greenhouse films


Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks


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