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Irrigation Pipe Systems

Borstar® Aquility™ is a range of ready-made black PE compound for the production of small pipes (laterals) such as flat & cylindrical inline, plain online laterals and sub-mains. These are used for drip or sprinkler irrigation in agriculture and landscape applications. Modern irrigation methods such as drip systems provide the highest efficiency in water usage as compared to traditional methods like flood and furrow irrigation. Increased water savings and plant yields can thus be achieved.

sprinkler irrigation


The Borstar Aquility range can be used for:

  • Inline flat and cylindrical laterals
  • Online plain laterals
  • Sub-mains

Ready-made compounds
Borstar Aquility eliminates the common practice of mixing up to five different components, typically LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, CBMB and polymer processing aids. By replacing this blending step, end product quality consistency is achieved in the manufacture of irrigation laterals, tapes and sub-mains. In addition to this, associated benefits such as labour, energy and supply chain/procurement costs are reduced for the manufacturer. End users get a more durable product.

Installation and durability
Laterals and sub-mains made from Borstar Aquility materials are more durable, have excellent flexibility and are easy to install and operate. With its excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and consistent long term properties, reliable long term performance is assured which contributes to increasing the crop yield with limited availability of water.

Borstar Aquility does not contain heavy metals or other additives that may harm the environment. As a result, Borstar Aquility laterals and sub-mains can be safely recycled or incinerated for energy recovery.

Key features

Borstar Aquility offers many benefits for the production of agricultural and landscape irrigation laterals and sub-mains:

  • No mixing of raw materials
    • consistency of end product
    • Ease of handling on the factory floor
    • Less manpower and supervison required
    • Simpler and cheaper inventory management
    • Better traceability of raw material quality
  • Lower motor torque on certain types of extruder
    • Electricity savings during pipe extrusion
    • Less wear and tear of machine parts
    • Very easily processed
  • Excellent dripper welding
    • Clean and accurately punched holes
    • Allows for processing at very high line speeds
  • Increased extrusion output
    • Increased productivity to lower unit production costs
    • Savings in raw material costs
  • Excellent all-round durability
    • Flexible pipes are easy to install in the field
    • Excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking
    • Consistent material properties guarantee long-term performance
    • Long and reliable operating life

drip irrigation system

drip irrigation lined along crops