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Borealis & Borouge is the leading providers of plastics solutions for the automotive industries. Our polypropylene (PP) resins offer excellent aesthetics, lower density, high flowability and low thermal expansion which are critical for the development of:

In addition, Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) are faced with cost competitiveness issues and seek ways to reduce development cycle and boost productivity while maintaining performance. These OEMs also want their vehicles to be lighter and more energy efficient to add to the allure of the vehicle on the consumer market.

Environmental-friendly solution and low emission footprint are also a trend of automotive industry nowadays. Borealis & Borouge’s in mass coloured and painless materials provide the solution to align with this trend.

To meet various requirements and challenges of the industry, Borealis & Borouge provide different product lines to align with customer needs as below:

  • Daplen™ – Impact modified compounds
  • Fibremod™ – Glass fibre reinforced compounds
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