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Sewage Pipe Systems

BorECO™ polypropylene (PP) materials have been specifically developed to improve the performance of solid and structured wall pipes for underground, non-pressure sewerage and drainage systems.

Using the unique Borstar® bimodal technology, BorECO PP grades help meet the pipe industry’s demands for speed and ease of production and installation, as well as for long system service life.

BorECO PP builds on the well-established properties of PP to deliver optimised:

  • stiffness
  • corrosion and chemical resistance
  • impact, abrasion and stress crack resistance, even at low temperatures
  • flexibility and structural integrity to accommodate ground movements without breaking
  • high temperature resistance at 60°C - short-term up to 90°C

Benefiting the whole value chain

Importantly, BorECO PP offers an improved stiffness/impact property balance, allowing for the manufacture of thinner walled pipes at reduced pipe weight, while maintaining the same ring stiffness levels. This provides for:

  • low pipe weight per meter
  • increased pipe design freedom
  • safer pipe handling and easier installation
  • long-term in-service durability and ease of maintenance

A complete system solution

Exhibiting very good processing characteristics that enable high output extrusion and short cycle time injection moulding using conventional equipment, BorECO PP presents the possibility of a ‘one material’ solution for all elements that make up a system including:

  • smooth solid wall and structured wall pipes
  • small and large diameter soil and waste pipes
  • surface water pipes
  • underground pipe and cable protection systems
  • pipe fittings and inspection chambers

Moreover, adding an additional benefit to system manufacturing, BorECO PP is compatible with all commonly used jointing techniques.

Environmentally sound material

BorECO PP contains no heavy metals or other additives harmful to the environment and it can be recycled for pipe or for energy recovery through incineration.

BorECO PP Pipe Grades

  • BorECO BA212E

A high modulus PP-HM natural-coloured material for the production of non-pressure sewage and drainage pipes. Its high stiffness allows for a 15% weight reduction compared to standard PP-B and 27% weight saving compared to PVC.BorECO BA212E is ideal for solid wall and spiral wound pipes.

  • BorECO BA415E

An intermediate stiffness, natural-coloured PP-B, designed for the production of twin-wall sewage and drainage pipes. BorECO BA415E produces high quality products at high output rates.