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Front end carrier

To enhance vehicle modularization and integration, front end module has been introduced into automotive engineering solution. Such as front lighting system, powertrain cooling system, damping and radiator can all be integrated onto front end module.

A carrier for a front end module as a front structure of a vehicle, and a front end module system, comprises a sub frame formed to extend horizontally across an opening of main frame in which a subsystem is to be arranged.

Borealis & Borouge Fibremod™ Glass Fibre reinforced polypropylene replaces metal, PA+LGF.

PP+LGF Frontend Carrier solutions and offers:

  • Low system cost
  • Integration possibility
  • Excellent stiffness and strength
  • Good creep and fatigue behavior
  • Good impact resistance over a wide temperature range
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Weight reduction
  • Better processability

Discover our line of product grades for front end carrier or contact us for additional information.


Air intake manifold

Plastic air intake manifolds (AIM) have had much success for the past 20 years, steadily replacing metal parts. Today, almost 50% of cars are equipped with plastic AIM, about 80% in Europe and the US. The only plastic materials currently used for this application are glass fibre reinforced polyamides (mainly PA66 GF35 and PA6 GF30).

Borealis & Borouge is the only supplier offering high performance polypropylenes (PP) for air intake manifolds.

We are far ahead of potential PP competitors both in material development and application know-how. Our PP compound composition is unique and has been patented.

Borealis &Borouge Fibremod™ High Performance Glass Fibre reinforced polypropylene (35% glass content) for air intake manifolds offers:

Benefits for OEM

  • Cheaper system solution which fulfils 100% of the required specifications like before with PA,
  • 15% weight reduction,
  • Significant better acoustic behaviour.

Benefits for Tier 1

  • Overall lower production cost resulting from:
  • Material price and lower density,
  • Less energy consumption (no pre-drying necessary, lower processing temperatures),
  • Image increase as an innovator (first AIM produced in Polypropylene worldwide).

Benefits for end user

  • Better acoustic behaviour and noise reduction,
  • Weight reduction, lowering fuel consumption and contributing to environment protection.

D-LFT Compression Solution

D-LFT Compression Solution is a high cost efficiency solution for those high volume series application/low part requirements parts.

Typical application:

  • Under Body Protection
  • Noise Shield
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Battery Case

Automotive industry requires a lower GF content, lower wall thickness, better processability and recyclability to meet extreme cost efficiency pressure. D-LFT technology provides a mature solution accordingly.

Compare with GMT solution, D-LFT plays a leading position of material/labor saving, great flexibility in part design and less trimming/secondary operation.

Borealis and Borouge provide materials which have suitable performance for D-LFT technology with good fibre impregnation and excellent impact behavior in the finishing parts.

Learn more on our product grades for D-LFT applications or contact us for additional information.

Fan shroud

All fans in this application field today are made in glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA) grades because dimensional stability at high speed and reduced warpage are extremely important for ventilator wheels.

The chosen material for shrouds depends on the specific function, which the part has to fulfil. Here, glass fibre/mineral-filled PA is currently the material of choice, although recycled PA (from fibre production), glass fibre PP and even talc-filled PP are also used.

As producers are under extreme cost pressures, easy processing is vital for such demanding mouldings. Based on some recent injection moulding trials done with our Fibremod materials for shrouds, the material provides a viable alternative to PA66 glass fibre/mineral filled with our Fibremod PP – GF.

Facilitating easy-processing

Borealis &Borouge Fibremod™ High Performance Glass Fibre (HPGF) reinforced polypropylene for shrouds offers:

  • Lower density for Fibremod™ GD301HP: 1,15 g/cm3 -› weight saving,
  • Mechanical properties not dependent on humid environment,
  • Easier/cheaper processing.

Discover our line of product grades for fan shrouds or contact us for additional information.

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