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Non-woven fibres

Non-woven fibres

Polypropylene materials for optimal spinning and enhanced processability

Polypropylene (PP) materials are popular choices for nonwoven fibres. Borouge offers a full range of polypropylene grades for use in a variety of nonwoven applications such as:

  • Hygiene applications
  • Geotextiles
  • Medical applications
  • Filtration
  • Absorption

Processing techniques

Our polypropylene product grades can be used to create nonwoven material using one of the three major techniques:

  1. Meltblowing: Meltblown is a technology to produce very thin fibres. Thin fibres are extruded and further elongated by means of hot air at high velocity. The fibres are then collected on a collection belt where they form a so called nonwoven. It is a random collection of thin fibres. The thinner the fibres, the smaller the openings or pores between the fibres.

  2. The spunbonded process: Our spunbonded grades have controlled rheology that secures stable spinning and excellent web formation combined with optimal web properties.

  3. Staple fibre production: these grades have a balanced morphology, rheology and additivation to secure optimal spinning and enhanced thermobonding performance.

For each fibre production technique, Borouge can tailor unique products such as specially designed gas-fading-free formulations that protect the fibre and fabrics from nitrogen oxide induced discolouration.

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