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Plastic Pipes XVI

Plastic Pipes XVI
September 24-26, 2012
Barcelona, Spain




Borouge and Borealis are participating to the Pipe industry’s biggest technical event with 10 papers and 2 posters.


Plastic Pipes XVI, the next International Plastic Pipe Conference will be held in Barcelona on September 24th to 26th 2012. The biennial forum and exhibition attracts more than 500 participants from over 80 countries. Zoran Davidovski, Chairman of the Organizing Committee is convinced that the event in Spain will attract even greater attention than the previous conference in Vancouver. “Every two years, the major end-users, designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers of the plastic pipe world meet to review new solutions, applications and developments shaped by this essential technology. It is a unique exchange of experience and one that also embraces the major trends and issues facing this dynamic international market.”

Environmental impact

Key subjects in the area of new solutions will focus on landmark projects and novel applications. Given the antiquated state of traditional sewer and utility pipe networks in many countries, rehabilitation chiefly through trenchless technology will be of particular interest. Sustainable construction and Life Cycle Assessment will also feature strongly with the very latest scientific evidence that underlines the low environmental impact of plastic pipe systems.

Davidovski explains that the choice of Spain for the world conference venue is quite relevant. “In Spain, the rate of conversion by end-users to our technology has been significant. This trend has been all the more pronounced in the building sector where durability and cost performance are all the more appreciated.” However, compared to other European countries, the rate of penetration of plastic pipes within the Spanish water utility sector is still relatively low. “Opportunities for growth are therefore enormous. This is a country where issues such as sustainability and saving resources, irrigation improvements, cleaning and purification are essential measures to mitigate the extreme effects of climate change.”

New applications

Presentation of papers will encompass major application areas such as gas and water supply, sewer and drainage, domestic hot and cold, soil and waste systems and industrial services. Nevertheless, the versatility of plastics combined with the rate of innovation in the industry, are such that application areas are continuously evolving. New applications will therefore be fully examined such as harvesting and collecting rainwater via filtration and attenuation systems. “Technological developments within our industry can occur at an amazing pace,” says Davidovski. “A picture of the future will be outlined by looking at some exciting new plastic pipe materials. Other developments such as structured wall and multi-layer pipes

will be analyzed for their characteristics and important benefits. We shall also provide a practical insight to new product design and testing tools.”

Unique platform

Market issues will centre on the evolution of the plastic pipe industry and the scope and scale of experience worldwide. A review of the demise of traditional pipe materials has also been planned as well as a thorough update on standardization, norms and Harmonized European Standards (hENs). “The International Plastic Pipe Conference is a unique platform and meeting point for this continuously evolving technology and industry. For eighty years, plastic pipes have transformed the way essential services are delivered. Although mostly out of sight, their efficiency and sustainability will be very much visible at Plastic Pipes XVI.”

Plastic Pipes XVI is organized by the Plastics Pipe Institute, PVC4Pipes, PE100+ Association, TEPPFA and national and regional trade associations. The location for the conference and exhibition will be the Hotel Arts in the attractive harbour district very close to the old centre of Barcelona.


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