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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, is cooperating with Pakistan NGO HEED Association and local polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings producer, Sun International, to replace the water distribution networks in four villages in Northern Pakistan that were destroyed by the recent floods. The floods which occurred following the heavy monsoon rains in July this year were the worst seen in 80 years and at their peak covered one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area and forced ten million people to rely on unsafe water sources.


Destruction of transport and infrastructure systems from the severe flooding in Pakistan villages, last summer 2010


As part of the Water for the World™ programme, Borouge leverages their partnerships and innovative plastic solutions to support the construction work which will be managed by the HEED Association in the villages of Mattoo, Thoniyan, Matteiyan and Daba in the Neelum Valley in Northern Pakistan. Sun International will manufacture the PE pipes and fittings from BorSafe™ HE3490-LS PE100 material from Borouge. BorSafe HE3490-LS was selected for its outstanding strength, flexibility and long life at extremely low temperatures. The lighter weight of PE 100 Pipes makes transportation easier in the inaccessible mountain ranges. With their inherent flexibility and strength, welded pipe systems constructed from high quality PE materials are the best choice for withstanding major disasters such as earthquakes and floods and will help the local villagers resume their normal daily life and reduce the threat of disease from drinking contaminated water.


Water for the World, an initiative of Borouge and Borealis launched in 2007, is part of the company’s long-term commitment to sustainability and to addressing the global water challenge. In 2009 Borouge was working with NGO Lien Aid and the Singapore Water Association provided clean drinking water to 10,000 victims of the earthquake in Sichuan, China, and more recently also working with Lien Aid to provide new drinking water systems for two hospitals in Vietnam. In addition Borouge and Borealis working as active members of the Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) team, have helped a further 300,000 poor people living in urban communities gain access to water and sanitation, mainly in Africa.


Water for the World programme

Today, more than one billion people have no access to clean water and more than double that number lack proper sanitation facility. This prompted the United Nations to set as one of their Millennium Development Goals to halve the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015. This challenge is not about finding more water; it’s about better managing and preserving the resources we have.


In 2007 Borouge and Borealis created the Water for the World initiative, a global programme that fosters local knowledge and partnerships to provide sustainable solutions for the availability of safe water and sanitation.


By bringing our expertise to community field projects, advancing science and best practices, engaging stakeholders, leveraging our leadership in innovative plastics solutions and promoting water efficiency in our operations, we can make a difference.


Here are some examples of activities in Asia:

·         Providing drinking water to the Sichuan earthquake resettlement camp in China

·         Upgraded water supply facilities at Hanoi Children’s Hospital in Vietnam

·         Providing continuous water supply to residents of Bhaktapur in Nepal

·         Building a sustainable water system for Swami Maheshwaranande Ashram Centre in Rajasthan, India

·         Providing clean drinking water to Ho Phong and Gai Rai in Southern Vietnam

·         Reducing water losses by relining ageing water mains in Beijing

·         Delivering fresh water on tap to 3,000 homes in Malkapur in Maharashtra, India

·         Bringing fresh water from mainland China to the Quemoy Islands

·         Protecting the Whanganui River in New Zealand with a new sewerage system

·         Securing fresh water access to 450 villages in Andhra Pradesh, India

·         Providing inhabitants of Mangalore and Pattur in Bangalore, India with safe drinking water.

·         Pioneering the first plastics pipe academy in the Middle East

·         Sponsoring of the global Stockholm Water prize and creating the Borouge Water Prize in India.

·         Working with ‘Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor’ on their global projects


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For further information, please contact:

Craig Halgreen, Vice President, Global Communications,

 Borouge Tel. +971 2 6070807,

Maggie Chen, Communications Manager and Trade media manager, Borouge

Tel. +86 21 6137 6805,


About Borouge and Borealis

Borouge is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. A joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s major oil and gas companies, and Austria based Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, Borouge is a groundbreaking international partnership at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation.

Borouge has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, employs approximately 1,600 people representing more than 40 nationalities and serves customers in more than 50 countries across the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Indian sub-continent and Africa.


Building on Borealis’ unique Borstar® technology and experience in polyolefins for more than 50 years, Borouge provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions for the infrastructure (pipe systems, and power and communication cables), automotive and advanced packaging markets.


In 2010 Borouge tripled its annual production capacity in Abu Dhabi to 2 million tonnes and an additional 2.5 million tonnes per year is scheduled for completion by the end of 2013 to create the world’s largest integrated polyolefins plant. Borouge is also investing in plants and logistics hubs in Asia and an Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi. Today Borouge and Borealis manufacture over 5.4 million tonnes of polyethylene and polypropylene annually. Focused on Value Creation through Innovation they ensure that their customers throughout the value chain, around the world, can always rely on superior products and security of supply.


Borouge is committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and together with Borealis proactively contributes towards addressing the world’s water and sanitation challenges through their Water for the World™ initiative.


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Water for the World:


BorSafe, Water for the World and Shaping the Future with Plastics are trademarks of Borealis group.

Borstar® is a registered trademark of Borealis group,





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