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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, signed the Responsible Care Global Charter with AICM (Association of International Chemical Manufacturers) during the Borouge Day that was held at Beijing University of Chemical Technology on September 26, 2011.


The Responsible Care Global Charter was signed by Andy Liu, Regional General Manager Asia North in Borouge, and Responsible Care Senior Consultant in AICM, Ken Tsang. Senior representatives from AICM, Borouge China office and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology have attended the signing ceremony which was preceded by an introductory presentation on Borouge followed by a workshop on the Company’s scholarship programme, a photographic award ceremony on ‘Water is Precious” and an exhibition of the  ‘Water for the World™’ programme.


“Signing the Responsible Care Global Charter with AICM reflects Borouge’s commitment to the advocacy and practice of Responsible Care in China in terms of improving the health, safety and environmental performance of all stakeholders and to communicate our products and processes with due care for sustainable development and growth,” says Liu. “Our manufacturing operations in China enjoy the full commitment and support from our management and by signing this Global Charter we ensure our commitment to all its codes.” 


Representatives from Borouge and AICM at the Responsible Care Commitment Signing Ceremony

From left to right:

Matt Lu, GCCC Director, AICM,

Karin Xu, Task Force Leader, AICM,

Beryl Ma, Executive Director, AICM,

Staf Faes, Senior Project Manager, Asia North, Borouge,

Ken Tsang, Senior Advisor Responsible Care, AICM,

Andy Liu, Regional General Manager, Asia North, Borouge,

Cindy Wang, Application Manager, Business Unit of Pipe, Borouge,

Maggie Chen, Communications Manager, Asia North, Borouge.


According to the signed Responsible Care Global Charter, Borouge and AICM commit to work together with Chinese chemical industry entities to share Responsible Care best practices which can transcend differences in culture, national legislation and industry environment. The statement also highlighted that Borouge and AICM commit to become a source of industrial solutions to some of the society’s most important challenges. “We seek to be a major contributor for economic, social and environmental development of China and a primary conduit for cost-effective legislations, responsible enforcement and compliance practices,

as well as to contribute to achieving energy and resource conservation, pollution reduction and a society of innovation in China,” says Liu.


They will also advocate for joint responsibilities with domestic chemical industry players and targeted media to achieve a responsible chemical industry image and reputation in China.


Liu pointed out that Borouge is committed to the continued support of the Responsible Care® Global Charter specifically working in conjunction with the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) and its members towards a common goal of full Responsible Care® membership for GCC companies. In 2010, Borouge has appointed Subject Matters Experts for each of the seven Responsible Care Technical Codes of Management Practice and performed a gap analysis against the Responsible Care® Management System requirements. This facilitated the development of an integrated improvement plan for action from 2011 and beyond. 


Apart from the signing ceremony of the Responsible Care Global Charter, Borouge’s ‘Water is Precious” photo exhibition aimed to raise awareness of some of the Company’s on-going Responsible Care activities such as the ‘Water for the World™’ projects implemented in China and different parts of the world. This photo exhibition has involved students from several leading universities in China such as Eastern China University of Technology and Beijing University of Chemicals Technology.


“Borouge and Borealis created the ‘Water for the World™’ initiative in 2007 as a global programme that fosters local knowledge and partnerships to provide sustainable solutions of the availability of safe water and sanitation,” says Cindy Wang Marketing Application Manager of Business Unit Pipe at Borouge, who gave an intensive introduction to the projects Borouge has carried out in China. “Through our  ‘Water for the World™’ projects, communities are better managing and preserving the resources they have.”


Borouge’s scholarship programme in China is another initiative which was launched by the Company targeting high performing undergraduate and postgraduate students within the field of polymer science and engineering in some of the top Chinese universities.




For further information, please contact:

Craig Halgreen, Vice President, Global Communications, Borouge
Tel.  +971 2 6070807,
Maggie Chen, Communications Manager, Borouge

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About Borouge

Borouge is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. A joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s major oil and gas companies, and Austria based Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, Borouge is a groundbreaking international partnership at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation.

Borouge has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, employs approximately 1,600 people representing more than 40 nationalities and serves customers in more than 50 countries across the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Indian sub-continent and Africa.

Building on Borealis’ unique Borstar® technology and experience in polyolefins for more than 50 years, Borouge provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions for the infrastructure (pipe systems, and power and communication cables), automotive and advanced packaging markets.

In 2010 Borouge tripled its annual production capacity in Abu Dhabi to 2 million tonnes and an additional 2.5 million tonnes per year will be introduced by mid-2014 to create the world’s largest integrated polyolefins plant. Borouge is also investing in plants and logistics hubs in Asia and an Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi. Today Borouge and Borealis have a manufacturing capacity of over 5.4 million tonnes of polyethylene and polypropylene annually. Focused on Value Creation through Innovation they ensure that their customers throughout the value chain, around the world, can always rely on superior products and security of supply.

Borouge is committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and together with Borealis proactively contributes towards addressing the world’s water and sanitation challenges through their Water for the World™ initiative.

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