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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, demonstrated its contribution to infrastructure development in China by participating at “Golden Bridge” Plastic Pipes Conference in Beijing at the end of November 2011.


This second “Golden Bridge” International Plastics Pipe Exchange Meeting was jointly organised by the China Plastics Piping Association (CPPA) and the Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA). During the Conference, some of the most important papers from the Plastics Pipes XV conference in Vancouver last year were presented as well as a number of presentations by local experts. At the first International Plastics Pipe Exchange Meeting in November 2009, Wang Zhanjie, the Secretary General of the CPPA, referred it as the “Golden Bridge” of knowledge transfer linking East and West.


As the board member of PPCA, Borouge’s Marketing Manager for Pipe, Robin Bresser, gave a speech at the opening ceremony


Over 350 delegates attended the conference to share a total of 23 presentations from technical and marketing experts on plastics pipe systems all around the world. The conference was opened by Qian Guijing, Vice Chairman of China National Light Industry Association (CNLIA) and Chairman of China Plastic Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), and Chen Lihui, Director of the CPPA and Vice-President of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, who described the recent economic developments in China and in particular the growth of the plastic pipes industry.


As the board member of PPCA, Borouge’s Marketing Manager for Pipe, Robin Bresser, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. “The conference provides a good opportunity for enterprises in China to raise their technical competence and to strengthen communication and cooperation with international companies,” said Bresser. “As a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, Borouge demonstrates strong commitment of creation and distribution of technical and application information on plastic pipes systems in order to educate and expand the safe, cost effective and sustainable application in the industry.”


During the first technical session of the conference, Camille Rubeiz of the Plastics Pipe Institute of the USA presented a paper on the performance of water and gas piping systems during six past earthquakes in four countries: US (1906 San Francisco; 1989 Loma Prieta; 1994 Northridge), Japan (1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji  (Kobe), Thailand (2005 Tsunami) and Columbia (1999). In all the analysis work carried out polyethylene (PE) pipes performed better than pipes made from other materials due to their flexibility and toughness. This has prompted the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to categorise PE pipes as having a low vulnerability to earthquakes whereas ductile iron pipe range between low and low/moderate and steel between low and high vulnerability.


“The conference is very successful as the exchange of ideas from experts all around the world. It will undoubtedly increase the knowledge and provide for the more sustainable development of the China plastics pipe industry,” commented Hu Wei, Senior Vice President for Pipe.


The Plastics Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) is a “not for profit” organisation formed by three industry associations, PVC4Pipes, PPI and PE100+ Association. The PPCA organises the international series of Plastics Pipes Conferences and any profits from these conferences are re-invested in spin off conferences to transfer the latest knowledge on plastics pipes to other parts of the world. 


Borouge leads the market with polyolefin pipe solutions for gas and drinking water distribution and for industrial applications and domestic heating and cooling systems. It is specialised in providing complete pipeline protection solutions for on-shore and off-shore oil and gas transportation pipelines. The Company is shaping the polyolefin pipe industry with education and promotion of the benefits of high quality products and standards throughout the value chain.



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About Borouge

Borouge is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. A joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s major oil and gas companies, and Austria based Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, Borouge is a groundbreaking international partnership at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation.

Borouge has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, employs approximately 1,600 people representing more than 40 nationalities and serves customers in more than 50 countries across the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Indian sub-continent and Africa.

Building on Borealis’ unique Borstar® technology and experience in polyolefins for more than 50 years, Borouge provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions for the infrastructure (pipe systems, and power and communication cables), automotive and advanced packaging markets.

In 2010 Borouge tripled its annual production capacity in Abu Dhabi to 2 million tonnes and an additional 2.5 million tonnes per year is scheduled for completion by the mid of 2014 to create the world’s largest integrated polyolefins plant. Borouge is also investing in plants and logistics hubs in Asia and an Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi. Today Borouge and Borealis manufacture over 5.4 million tonnes of polyethylene and polypropylene annually. Focused on Value Creation through Innovation they ensure that their customers throughout the value chain, around the world, can always rely on superior products and security of supply.

Borouge is committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and together with Borealis proactively contributes towards addressing the world’s water and sanitation challenges through their Water for the World™ initiative.


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Water for the World:

Shaping the Future with Plastics is trademark of Borealis group. 

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