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As a company focused on Value Creation through Innovation, Borouge achieves a new step change in innovation by filing its first patent application in polypropylene (PP) for protecting the intellectual property right (IPR) of Borouge as a whole, and for Borouge manufacturing and marketing activities in China in particular.


“We are very pleased to announce Borouge’s first patent filing. Innovation is one of the pillars on which Borouge is built and therefore this is a historic milestone,” said Michael Pell Vice President Innovation at Borouge. “Borouge’s first patent is a testament to our increasing capability in sales, marketing, product development and IPR protection.”


Borouge’s first patent filed on May 22, 2012, involves a new PP blend that is used in appliances such as air conditioner parts. This PP blend is recognized with its reduced weight comparing to polymer materials conventionally used for the same purposes and without the need to cut new mould as shrinkage is very similar. The patented PP solution was made at Borouge’s Compounding Manufacturing Plant (CMP) in Shanghai and is used to replace Acrylonitrile Styrene (AS) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) resins enabling the Company to target a new area of PP applications.


The IPR protection Borouge has secured through filing its new patent would help enhance the innovative capabilities of the Company’s product development. It would also support Borouge’s marketing and sales activities, as well as the production of PP solutions in China.


With the completion of the Borouge Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi later this year, Borouge will be able to move a further step in innovation by producing more innovative solutions for the infrastructure, automotive and advanced packaging industries in close cooperation and partnership with Borouge’s customers throughout the value chain. Innovation will remain the main engine that drives Borouge towards ‘Shaping the Future with Plastics’.




Air conditioner blades made of Borouge’s first patented polypropylene compounds


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