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Sponsored by ADNOC, Borouge and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD), the Eco Club students at the Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi (The Enviromates) organised an Environmental Awareness Week under the theme “Mix It Up” to educate their colleagues about the importance of environment protection and its contribution to a greener society.

Andy Wedgner, Application Marketing Manager at Borouge, writes some words on a big sheet of paper that the students of Glenelg School set to express their ideas on environment protection as part of their Environmental Awareness Week.

Guest speakers visited the school and talked about different environmental issues to raise the students’ awareness and motivate their sense of responsibility towards the surrounding environment.

Andy Wedgner, Application Marketing Manager at Borouge, addressed the students of Glenelg School about the importance of preserving water giving an example of Borouge’s Water Footprint project. Another guest, Meha Sanker from EAD focused in her speech on the significance of sparing a five minute time to save the Environment, while Abeer Alwi and Huda Al Sinani from Al Thebianeyah Model School in Abu Dhabi set up a workshop for Origami to teach the students some creative paper reusing ideas.

The big white board on which the students of Glenelg School wrote their messages on saving Earth and Environment

Ali Al Hosani from ADNOC provided the students of the school with 1,000 nurslings to plant in their school, while Adel Al Fahim and Jawhara Bin Ishaq from Borouge presented the students with colouring pens and painting kits to enable them to express their ideas and thoughts of environment protection. The EAD also presented some appreciation gifts to all the Enviromates at school who worked hard to make this event successful and useful.

The Glenelg School students were involved in many activities during the Environmental Awareness Week such as planting flowers, colouring the globe poster and writing messages about how they can help save the earth, origami, decorating their own T-shirts with ideas of how to save the earth and protect the environment.  

The “Mix It Up” week was a great success and it has been decided to make it an annual event with greater ideas and plans that will be initiated at the Glenelg School with the aim of spreading environmental awareness outside the school, reaching the families and friends of students.
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