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Borouge and Borealis, the world’s leading providers of innovative, value creating plastics solutions for the wire and cable industry, have launched Borlink™, a technology platform that offers a complete global package of power materials, experience, knowledge and support, in the Asian market. The launch of the Borlink technology took place during the Wire China 2012 exhibition held in Shanghai, China, on September 25-28.


Borouge and Borealis successfully launched Borlink in Asia at Wire China


Borlink is a worldwide leading wire and cable technology platform that offers a complete global portfolio of cross-linkable polyethylene (XLPE) compounds, experience, knowledge and support. Underlining Borouge’s and Borealis’ commitment to the industry, the Borlink technology enables the delivery of world class innovative solutions for high voltage direct current cable applications to meet the challenges the wire and cable industry faces in the future.


“We are committed to continue producing innovative solutions that benefit the wire and cable industry and to be a fully reliable partner of choice,” says Borouge’s Senior Vice President Marketing, Hu Wei. “With Borstar, and now the Borlink technology, our product range is able to meet the industry’s most stringent needs.”


“Borlink is a step-change innovative solution along the wire and cable value chain,” adds Roland Janssen Vice President Marketing Centre Wire & Cable at Borouge. “This technology represents Borouge’s and Borealis’ ongoing commitment to better understanding and serving our customers’ needs and linking them with our latest technologies by Bringing Energy All Around.”


Borlink technology includes a tailor-made and unique pressure process for the production of high purity and super clean low density polyethylene base polymers with superior electrical properties. The whole process from the base polymer production via the cross-linking technology takes place in either a closed and/or controlled production loop (from monomer to final packaging). This enables to avoid any contaminations and delivers world class clean and homogenous and high quality compounds.

Janssen pointed out that by establishing Borlink, Borouge and Borealis have elevated their total network of support to a new level by helping to facilitate the linking of different grids and energy sources together both regionally and globally. Borouge and Borealis also organized a technical seminar for their customers to highlight their latest developments during the Wire China exhibition.  


Benefiting from Borlink technology, cables in use for more than 30 years still perform to today’s exacting standards and prove the reliability of Borealis and Borouge’s solutions. Additionally, at the end of their useful life these cables can be fully recycled in combination with standard polyethylene (PE) for a fully sustainable multi-generation life cycle.

Borouge and Borealis are recognized throughout the global wire and cable industry as trendsetters for innovation in technology and products to support the growth of modern infrastructure. With more than 45 years of experience in polyolefins, they are the reliable partners of choice in offering high quality solutions for a wide variety of power transmission and distribution cables as well as electrical and fibre optic communication applications.


Borouge’s new 350,000 t/y low density polyethylene (LDPE) plant, which is an important part of the under construction Borouge 3 expansion project in Abu Dhabi, will be an integral addition to Borealis’ high pressure LDPE plant in Sweden dedicated to the production of highly specialized and super clean products for the wire and cable industry. Borouge’s investment in the LDPE production plant is the base to enter the manufacturing of unique XLPE solutions for the global wire and cable market, applying the same technology and quality standards as its partner Borealis.


Borouge and Borealis are the world leaders in supplying plastic insulations for EHV (extra high voltage), HV (high voltage), HVDC (high voltage direct current), MV (medium voltage), as well as LV (low voltage) cables. They have pioneered advances in insulation systems and jacketing solutions for both energy and communications cables through various global brands including Borlink, Visico/Ambicat, Borstar® and Casico.


Borouge was established in 1998 as a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Austria based Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions. Borouge is a groundbreaking international partnership at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation.




For further information, please contact:
Craig Halgreen, Vice President, Global Communications, Borouge
Tel.  +971 2 6070807,

Katinka Brodahl, Regional Communications Manager - Asia South, Borouge
Tel. +65 6311 4252,

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