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Over 200 people gathered at the St. Regis Hotel on Al Saadiyat Island on November 25, 2012, to join the celebration of Borouge’s decade of excellence and outstanding achievements.
Senior management from the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Borealis and Borouge, key industry figures as well as the staff and customers of Borouge, attended the celebration that commemorated 10 years of continuous success, strong commitment to excellence and high quality products.
In his opening speech, Abdulaziz Alhajri CEO of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) recalled the Company’s outstanding achievements that have contributed to laying a solid foundation for the petrochemicals industry of the UAE, contributing to the diversification of its economy and the development of the downstream industry.
"Our commitment to excellence started from day one, and in 2002, soon after our start-up, we were awarded the ISO 9001 certification. Ten years on, Borouge has set a benchmark for operational excellence in the petrochemical industry through continuously improving the management of our facilities and achieving increased levels of productivity,” said Alhajri.
Throughout the past decade, Borouge has also maintained the highest levels of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and focused on people to ensure a sustainable growth. Its commitment also gained the Company the ISO 14001 certification and ADNOC HSE Awards in operation, innovation, environment and sustainability. Borouge has also adapted the principles of Responsible Care and is currently pursuing the RC 14001 certification.
“Our dedication to excellence enabled us to execute challenging growth projects like Borouge 2 and the current mega-expansion Borouge 3. These major investments along with the new Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi and our compounding and application centres in China will position us as one of the world’s leading providers of plastics,” Alhajri added.
Borouge's excellence in adding value to its plastics solutions by investing in innovation and contributing to the market’s evolution by ensuring security of supply and timely delivery of its products was highlighted by Wim Roels CEO of Borouge's Marketing & Sales Company.
"Over the years, we have developed a solid marketing and sales network across the Middle East and Asia, from Beirut to Beijing, to ensure direct interface with our customers," said Roels. "We have excelled in providing our customers with superior sales service and technical support to ensure that our products meet their requirements."
He highlighted that Borouge’s commitment to actively promote the responsible use of plastics that contribute positively to the progress of the society was echoed throughout its initiatives such as the “World for the Water” programme it launched with Borealis in 2007 to provide sustainable solutions that facilitate access to clean water and proper sanitation.
“Borouge’s excellence in the plastics industry has set an example through its contributions in making cars lighter, helping reducing climate change, protecting our food all the way from the farms to our kitchen tables, delivering safe drinking water to regions where water is scarce, ensuring unbreakable and safe medical instruments and providing reliable energy for industry and society,” Roels added.
Appreciating the support Borouge has been receiving from its Owners over the years, Borouge's CEOs handed over gifts to Rashed Saud Al Shamsi Director of Petrochemicals at ADNOC, and Mark Garrett CEO of Borealis. The gifts symbolise the Borouge 1 and 2 projects in the shape of two Arabian horses, completely manufactured from the polypropylene at Borouge's plants in Ruwais.
The celebration also featured the honouring of the former and current CEOs of Borouge for their efforts and achievements which significantly contributed to its success. Rashed Saud Al Shamsi, along with Herbert Willerth Deputy CEO of Borealis, handed over commemorative gifts to the former CEOs of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) including Olav Aas (1999-2001), Joost Schrevens (2001-2002), (Harri Bucht (2002-2007) and Abdulaziz Alhajri; and to the former CEOs of Borouge's Marketing & Sales Company including Teuvo Kulmala (1998-2001), Hubert Puchner (2001-2007), Harald Hammer (2007-2008), William Yau (2008-2011) and Wim Roels.
The celebration concluded with a dinner and distribution of a commemorative book that reflects glimpses of business excellence at Borouge during the past decade to every one of the attendees.
Borouge was established in 1998 as a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Austria based Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions. It is a groundbreaking international partnership at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation.
Rashed Saud Al Shamsi Director of Petrochemicals at ADNOC and Herbert Willerth Deputy CEO of Borealis with the honoured CEOs of Borouge since its inception in 1998
Rashed Saud Al Shamsi Director of Petrochemicals at ADNOC and Herbert Willerth Deputy CEO of Borealis with the honoured CEOs of Borouge since its inception in 1998.
handing over a commemorative gift
Abdulaziz Alhajri CEO of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) and Wim Roels CEO of Borouge’s Marketing & Sales Company handing over a commemorative gift to Rashed Saud Al Shamsi Director of Petrochemicals at ADNOC in appreciation of ADNOC’s support.
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