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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, showcased its latest innovation and sustainability advancements in consumer food packaging technology at the Chinaplas 2013 exhibition, held in Guangzhou from May 20-23.

The event reinforced Borouge’s continuing leadership in providing high performance polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) advanced packaging solutions for the food value chain; such solutions contribute to improving food harvest, safety and freshness, while facilitating easy storage and transportation. They also address the needs of brand owners who continuously seek high quality packaging materials that ensure premium protection of their food products to prolong shelf life.
The award-winning Bormod™ HD915CF is one of Borouge’s innovations that were exhibited at Chinaplas. Based on the proprietary Borstar® technology, Bormod™ HD915CF is a high crystalline cast homopolymer PP that is produced by utilising Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT). Compared to talc nucleated and non-nucleated PP, BNT creates PP spherullites that are more homogeneous and finer in size. This results in an extremely high crystalline structure with 50% higher stiffness than any standard homo PP available in the market today.
The high crystalline structure of HD915CF is ideal as the core layer of Vacuum Metallisable Cast Polypropylene (VMCPP) film applications. High film stiffness is a positive feature to enable uniform aluminium deposition during the metallisation process. In addition, the absence of migratory additives allows it to achieve and maintain high surface corona retention levels in preparation for secondary processing.
Sustainability in mind
Bormod™ HD915CF is recognised by offering several differentiated benefits including achievable high film stiffness and film down-gauging potential of 20 – 30%. The high stiffness of HD915CF also offers the benefit of higher heat resistance and excellent barrier properties (Oxygen Transmission Rate improves by 40% & Water Vapour Transmission Rate improves by 30%). These benefits allow for the use of thinner films with HD915CF to meet the same stringent packaging requirements typically achieved only with thicker films.
“This reduction in packaging material consumed aligns with the increased focus on sustainability and environmental concerns - in addition to a direct material cost saving for the value chain”, added Geert Van Ballaer, Borouge’s Marketing Manager, Film & Fibre Marketing Centre. In 2012, Bormod™ HD915CF received the Sustainable Packaging Technology Award at the China Packaging Technology Innovation and Sustainability Development Forum. This makes HD915CF the first cast PP grade with BNT to gain such recognition in China.
Innovation for performance
Another product on centre stage was BorPure™ HJ311MO – a high flow PP homopolymer specially suited for fast and economical injection moulding of odour-free containers. Serving the rapidly growing deli and takeaway markets, containers made from BorPure™ HJ311MO exhibit improved breakage-resistant properties compared to alternative materials.
HJ311MO provides good aesthetics in enhancing the packaging appeal of the end product. Furthermore, with BNT, the high melt flow characteristics and enhanced organoleptic properties of this new injection moulding grade allows the delivery of taste and odour free food containers that are required in food packaging.
BorPure™ HJ311MO features a combination of stiffness and high-melt flow that enables the light-weighting performance of containers whilst retaining material rigidity. Maintaining the stiffness of containers makes BorPure™ HJ311MO an ideal choice for microwave re-heating applications whilst ensuring high food safety integrity by preserving the taste of the packed food content.

Besides, high melt flow gives mould makers an added flexibility to design complex or multi-compartment moulded food containers that have seen an increased demand in food container storage. The non-warping characteristic of BorPure™ HJ311MO makes it especially suited for rectangular lids and containers.
BorPure™ HJ311MO can be injection moulded at lower temperatures and at higher speeds- reducing the moulding cycle time by up to 20% compared to alternative resins. This also reduces CO2 impact to the environment. High stiffness and an anti-static formulation contribute to efficient de-moulding. Consequently, the cost and energy consumption in producing each unit is effectively reduced, while machine utilisation is maximised.
“Borouge is committed to supplying innovative PP-based solutions with the ideal material attributes that address the market demand of emerging thin-wall packaging needs,” said James Ong, Borouge’s Marketing Manager Moulding Marketing Centre. “The superior properties of BorPure™ HJ311MO make it a grade of choice for moulders and end users in the food industry in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions which face increasingly stringent processing and packaging end user requirements.”
PE and PP solutions on display at Chinaplas
Samples of advanced food packaging materials made from Borouge’s innovative PE and PP solutions on display at Chinaplas
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