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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, reinforces its position as a top strategic business partner and polyolefins supplier to the Indian plastics industry at Plastivision 2013, one of the premier plastics shows in India held in Mumbai from 12-16 December 2013.
At Plastivision Borouge showcases samples of products of advanced packaging, healthcare, agricultural films, pipe systems and wire & cable that are made from the Company’s polyolefins solutions. Borouge also demonstrates its commitment to technology and continuous innovation, which is at the core of the company with the goal to making a sustainable contribution and delivering a competitive edge to customers all over the world.
Borouge takes the opportunity to share its exponential growth story with the Indian polymer industry. In 2014 Borouge is expanding the annual production capacity of polyolefins at its Abu Dhabi-based plant from 2 million tonnes to 4.5 million tonnes per year. Two new polyethylene (PE) plants and two new polypropylene (PP) plants will start up at Borouge 3 expansion plant along with a new low density polyethylene (LDPE) unit delivering highly specialised polymers specifically for the growing wire and cable markets. Meanwhile, Borouge will expand the annual capacity of its Compounding Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai from 50,000 tonnes to 90,000 tonnes and has recently completed a USD 70 million Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi.
“The year ahead heralds a milestone year for Borouge as we will be commissioning and ramping up production by more than twofold,” says Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge’s Marketing & Sales Company. ”In line with our global expansion we will also continue to significantly grow in India and we will be well positioned to meet the growing market demand in India as well as our customers’ specific current and future needs to be leading in their fields”.
Borouge is furthermore expanding its commercial and supply chain networks throughout Asia. In addition to its 10 sales offices spanning the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Borouge recently opened a representative office in Tokyo, and is establishing a sales office in Delhi and will open three additional representative offices in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta during the course of 2014.
”The fast growing Indian market is very important for our growth strategy”, says Tarmo Raudsepp, Senior Vice President Asia South at Borouge. “Since the early days of Borouge we established a professional local team in Mumbai to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers. With the opening of our office in Delhi next year, we will reinforce our commitment to the Indian market and will be also close to our customers in Northern India.”
The Indian polyolefins market is expected to surge from 5.8 million (in 2013) to 9.9 million t/y (by 2020), being the second biggest polymer market in Asia after China and the third biggest one globally. India’s growth in the polyolefins industry is mainly attributed to rapid urbanisation and growth of mega-cities boosting investments in advanced infrastructure applications such as water, gas and sewerage distribution systems, and power and communication wires and cables. The continuing improvement of living standards is leading to increased demand for advanced packaging for food and healthcare products, as well as white goods, automotives and mid-range household products.
Borstar® Technology
Borouge’s flagship technology is the world class Borstar® technology which makes the products highly competitive. Due to the light weighting of Borouge’s PP and PE solutions, customers across all industries achieve remarkable resin- use reductions helping them to decrease costs for manufacturing (less material),processing (lower energy), transportation and storage. All this helps customers to increase their profitability without compromising on product quality.
Borouge in India
Borouge has been present in India since 1999 through Borouge (India) Private Limited which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Borouge Pte. Ltd Singapore on 17 March 2003. Soon after, the company also developed its distribution network to include neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. As part of their sustainability approach, Borouge and Borealis created the Water for the World™ initiative - a global programme that fosters local knowledge and partnerships to provide sustainable solutions for the availability of safe water and sanitation. Since its start in 2007 Borouge and Borealis have implemented five Water for the WorldTM projects in India, amongst them a project in Malkapur, delivering fresh water "on-tap" to 3000 homes. Borouge has instituted yearly scholarships to 12 meritorious students of the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Mumbai since 2009. Borouge is one of first oversea organisations to have contributed generously to the upcoming Skill Centre in West Bengal.
Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, Borouge has been recently awarded Responsible Care® 14001 certification for its manufacturing and commercial operations, being the first company in the Gulf region to obtain this certification for its global operations. The achievement reflects Borouge’s commitment to ensuring that it has an integrated, structured approach to continuously improve its health, safety, environmental and security performance in the workplace. Borouge is also advancing its sustainability drive by increasing engagement with government and policy makers regarding the disposal of plastics after their intended application.
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