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Promoting its unique portfolio of polyolefin solutions that add value to customers across value chain.
Borouge, a leading provider of sustainable, innovative and value-creating plastics solutions, showcases its full product portfolio targeting infrastructure, automotive and advanced packaging markets at Chinaplas 2014, Asia’s largest plastics trade fair held in Shanghai from 23-26 April 2014
“The rapid expansion of the Chinese polymer industry over the past two decades has been impressive and will continue growing in the years ahead with the downstream markets playing an increasingly important role,” said Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge. “With a heritage of more than 50 years of experience in polyolefins, we will partner with the value chain to address key challenges and continuously invest to ensure that our customers can rely on sustainable polyolefin products and security of supply.”
For the infrastructure market, Borouge highlighted its latest cost-efficient solutions for pipe and wire & cable applications, with additional features on functionality, safety and the environment:
• BorECO™ polypropylene BA212E and BA415E for pipe applications has been designed for non-pressure sewage and drainage systems. The product offers improved stiffness, allowing for material savings of up to 30% while lowering the Whole Life Cost. The manufactured pipes are leak-proof while the low weight solution also facilitates easier installation. The BorECO™ solutions are environment-friendly with carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 90% in the manufacturing process, supporting a cleaner environment.

• Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cable insulation for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cables is a sustainable solution that reduces energy loss by 60% during long distance transmission compared to AC cables. It is ideal for connecting renewable energy such as wind, solar and tidal with increased stability, further avoiding environmental impact of oil leakage compared with oil filled paper insulated HVDC cables for subsea connections. It also reduces maintenance cost by up to 90% when compared to overhead lines used in land applications.
For the automotive market, Borouge addresses key trends in weight reduction in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and to improve carbon footprint and safety. For a cleaner and healthier environment, Borouge has developed two high-performance automotive material grades, Daplen™ EH104AEC and Fibremod™ GD301FEC:
• Daplen™ EH104AEC is a mineral filled elastomer modified polypropylene compound for application with in-mass metallic bumper protectors. The compound helps to achieve 30% cost reduction, allowing for fewer injection points while offering high surface quality with UV resistance. As an environmentally protective solution, the manufactured component is paint-free, easily recycled and reduces weight by 10% compared with PP T20.

• Fibremod™ product family comprises of engineered Short Glass Fibre (SGF) and Long Glass Fibre (LGF) compounds. Fibremod™ GD301FEC is a tailor made material for application in a full plastic front end module, resulting in system cost reduction of 30%, and allows easy processing with integrated parts. The manufactured component is able to reduce energy consumption by 40% thanks to its 18% weight reduction compared with PA6-GF and more efficient production processes. Weight reduction is of significant importance, as vehicles reduce 190kg of carbon dioxide emissions for every 10kg in weight reduction, over its lifespan of 10 years/190,000km.
For the advanced packaging markets, Borouge focuses on solutions to reduce food waste, while at the same time offering safe and efficient packaging for food products. Borouge introduced three advanced packaging solutions:

• BorPure™ MB5568/MB5569, a material used to manufacture light-weight, short-neck closures for beverages, with ESCR improved by 50% over its predecessor, allowing 10-15% down gauging potential without compromising product performance. With less material used for the same product, BorPure™ succeeds in significant reduction of carbon footprint.

• Borstar® RB707CF, a blown film polypropylene solution for food packaging is designed to reduce food waste and packaging material. With high packaging integrity and stiffness, the product allows at least 15% down gauging compared to current polyethylene solutions, and also expands the converter’s product portfolio without extra investment.

• Borstar® FB2230 for greenhouse films that protect and enhance crop quality and yield by 8%-11% while moving harvest speed up to 25%.

Borouge is committed to addressing global challenges such as climate change, food protection, access to water and reliable energy, healthcare and waste management that help supporting the growth, innovation and sustainable development of the plastics industry.
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