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Borouge promotes a high level of ethical business and work environment to ensure that ethical practices are always followed as per Company Values, Ethics Policies and associated principles.


Borouge actively engages all stakeholders to inculcate ethical culture throughout its value chain. Borouge also understands the importance of an avenue for stakeholders to reach out to the Management regarding any business misconduct leading to violation of Borouge Ethics Principles.


Reports of such breach / noted violation to Borouge Ethics Policy / Principles can be done via Anonymous Feedback Form as provided below. Since this is an anonymous platform, we will not be able to come back to you to obtain details or update status. Hence we request you to include as many details, evidences and other required information possible in your emails


Your input will help us to identify concerns to breach of Borouge Ethics Policy / Principles and to keep our system agile and effective.


We thank you in advance for your active engagement.


What can be reported?


  • Unethical Gifts, Favors and Entertainment


  • Acts of discrimination and Harassment


  • Damage to society and environment


  • Illegal / unethical business and market practices


  • Violation to legal and regulatory requirements


  • Incidents of thefts and, mis-appropriation of funds


  • Breach of confidentiality (personal or business information)


  • Bribery / Kickback


  • Damage to company property or reputation


  • Any other incident which could be seen as unethical


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