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Inspired by its core values, Borouge believes in its people and recognises that they are its most important asset and the key to its continued success. Borouge believes that the strength of the organisation depends solely on the capabilities of its people and that the organisation is as good as its employees. Currently, Borouge employs more than 3,000 people across its various offices worldwide, representing more than 40 nationalities.

Integrated career support

Committing to continually improving the recruitment process at Borouge, we launched a new Career Portal in February 2011 to attract the most creative and innovative talents in the world’s markets. We have also developed an integrated Talent and Competency Framework that recognises talent and develops individuals to their fullest potentials in their area of specialisation, using world-class benchmarked target competencies and proficiency levels.

During 2012, we implemented several initiatives to improve the development of our employees, such as the Competency Framework Project (CFP) and the Irtiqa’a programme. The CFP was established to provide a competency-based HR management system through the implementation of competency profiling, a competency assurance process, and career path and development guides. The Irtiqa’a programme builds a coaching relationship between the line managers and the employees.

Diverse career opportunities

To further develop the competency and professional skills of our employees, we offer them various opportunities such as diverse combinations of on-the-job coaching and mentoring, world-class training courses and assignments with Borouge businesses or projects abroad. Such initiatives have resulted in a high performing, innovative, competent and motivated workforce.

Leading compensation and benefits

To attract, motivate and retain our talented workforce, Borouge has adopted a progressive market-driven approach to continuously benchmark its compensation and benefits model against the key players in the market. Our compensation package includes an attractive base salary, allowances and benefits that are structured to recognise good performance and provide employees and their families a quality work-life balance and financial security.

Borouge scholarship programme

As a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, Borouge is reinforcing its commitment to Asia's and the Middle East's rapidly emerging plastics markets by awarding annual scholarships and internships to high performing postgraduate and undergraduate students in polymer sciences and engineering. The main goal is to encourage students to excel in these fields and support the rapidly developing plastics industry in the Middle East and Asia.

Borouge partners with leading universities and awards a number of scholarship seats per university. Students are selected based on an evaluation of their individual academic achievements in coordination with the academic institution. In addition, each year the top performing undergraduate students of each university receive an additional two-week training and internship programme at Borouge, to enhance their understanding and to acquire hands-on experience in an innovative plastics environment.

Borouge International Scholarship (BIS)

Borouge is committed to encouraging students who have the ambition to grow and the ability to excel beyond their degrees. The Borouge International Scholarship supports high performing students financially and educationally to enable them to pursue postgraduate studies (Master or PhD) in polymer sciences and engineering at internationally renowned universities, and to establish a career at Borouge.

Borouge provides scholarships to the following universities:

  • South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, PRC (May 2009)
  • East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, PRC (May 2009)
  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India (August 2009)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India (August 2009)
  • Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, PRC (January 2011)
  • Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, PRC (April 2010)
  • China University of Petroleum, Beijing, PRC (May 2013)


As part of Borouge's commitment to corporate social responsibility, we established an Emiratisation strategy to attract and develop UAE national graduates from schools, colleges and universities, with the aim of stimulating them to pursue careers in the UAE's growing petrochemical industry.

The UAE National Development Department provides continuous support to UAE Nationals in order to help them achieve their full potential at each stage of their careers. It aims to enhance their professional growth and promote a performance-based culture anchored in the Company values. We also offer them a study leave to continue their studies whilst promoting better opportunities in their professional career.

For employment positions in Ruwais and Abu Dhabi City, UAE, priority is given to residents living within close proximity. Consequently, in line with our Emiratisation strategy and based on the 2012 employment data, our goal is to have 75% of all positions to be Emiratised by 2017.