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REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals and is European Legislation No. 1907 / 2006, which was officially approved on 1st June 2007, replacing several associated European Directives and Regulations. Although targeting Manufacturers and Importers from the European Community it is already having worldwide implications.

One of the fundamental changes brought by REACH is the change of responsibility from public authorities to industry in demonstrating the safe manufacture and use of chemicals. It requires that all chemical substances, on their own or present in preparations and articles be registered, and necessitates the sharing of information across the entire value chain.

REACH is linking:

  • Legal entities to registration numbers for each of their products
  • Legal entities to the uses of their productsPre-registration of substances was due for completion by December 2008, and dates have already been set, based on priority i.e. level of hazard and quantity, for full substance registration.

Our commitment

Borouge has a commitment to ensure the health and safety of it’s people and customers, as well as the environmental impact of our operations and products continues to be of paramount importance. Despite being a non-EU Company, Borouge recognize the importance of this legislation, and as such have appointed Borealis, our EU Partner, to act on our behalf as an “Only Representative”. This follows the process required for non-EU companies.

Read our Statement on REACH Compliance

To this end we have:

  • Completed pre-registration of our current produced substances
  • Initiated a process to assess the compliance of our raw material suppliers, both EU and non-EU
  • Started to compile a comprehensive list of all supplier compliance data
  • Made a commitment to have full registration within the timescales set by the European Union

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