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Borouge Code of Conduct 


The Code of Conduct demonstrates the commitment of Borouge to compliance, ethical behaviours and acting with integrity in everything we do, setting out the rules and minimum standards of conduct that anyone working for or on behalf the company should follow.

Click here​ to download Borouge Code of Conduct. (English) 
Click here to download Borouge Code of Conduct. (Chinese)
Click here​ to download Borouge Code of Conduct. (Arabic)


Online anonymous reporting

Click here to access Takallam (former online anonymous reporting)



Quality Policy
To enhance the performance, efficiency and profitability of our operations and the development of our human capital, we are committed to:     

  • Develop our people through structured processes and cultivate a quality driven mindset
  • Set challenging goals and regularly measure our performance
  • Aspire to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and services 
  • Maintain a practical and comprehensive quality management system 
  • Embed corporate business processes with clear roles and responsibilities and enhance profitability throughout the value chain
  • Strive to do things first time right    


Click here to download Borouge Quality Policy 

Borouge Data Privacy Notice   

Borouge respects data privacy and is committed to managing all personal information that is subject to protection principles under all applicable laws in each jurisdiction. 

  Click here​ to download the Data Privacy Notice.