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We are committed to the wellbeing of society and preservation of the environment, while addressing the economic expectations of our shareholders. We are a leading provider of sustainable, innovative and value-creating  polyolefins solutions and we conduct our business within the framework of our values, vision and mission, and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. 
At Borouge, we focus on the performance, profitability and efficiency of our operations and enhance the contribution and development of our people, while actively contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a signatory of the Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care® Global Charter, we apply best practices and pursue continual improvement of our operations. 
We are exploring and driving opportunities towards a circular economy, and in line with our three pillars of Sustainability – People, Planet and Profit – we commit to:​​

People: social responsibility  

  • Pursuing a goal of no harm to people and society
  • ​Contributing to solutions that deliver a positive and sustainable impact on people’s lives
  • Promoting the health and welfare of our people and the communities where we operate in
  • Building diverse and multi-cultural human capabilities and creating opportunities for individual growth
  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and social initiatives within the industry and society
  • Respecting and conforming to relevant social, cultural, legal and ethical aspects of society​

Planet: environmental stewardship

  • Addressing global challenges, such as climate change, water, food, energy, healthcare and waste, with innovative solutions

  • Minimising discharges, waste and emissions, safeguarding biodiversity, enhancing energy performance and optimising the use of natural resources

  • Ensuring that energy performance improvements are considered throughout the duration of the intended lifecycle of our assets

  • Optimising the positive health, safety, environmental, energy and societal impact of our polyolefins throughout their lifecycle

Profit: economic growth 

  • Maximising shareholder return throughout the value chain
  • Enhancing the reputation of Borouge and the image of the petrochemicals industry
  • Ensuring that the design, operational and technical integrity of our assets are sustained throughout their lifecycle
  • Strengthening organisational resilience through the application of effective risk management,security and emergency preparedness, and business continuity practices
  • Advancing the development of local downstream industries, and science and engineering capabilities
  • Optimising responsible global procurement and supply chain opportunities

Borouge Sustainability Policy

Our commitment to our Sustainability Policy​ is demonstrated through visible leadership and effective communication, a proactive sustainability performance culture supported by transparent monitoring and reporting systems, and our continuous investment in our people, innovation and assets. 

We take pride in engaging with our stakeholders encouraging them to commit to our Sustainability Policy.​​

Borouge Sustainability Framework 

The Sustainability Framework of Borouge underpins our current business performance and future aspirations. 

In line with our Sustainability Policy, the Framework focuses on our three pillars of Sustainability – People (Social Responsibility), Planet (Environmental Stewardship) and Profit (Economic Growth) – and is a practical reference model to guide us towards achieving optimum levels of sustainable development across the value chain. 

By incorporating each pillar into all our business practices and decisions, we ensure we are a trusted stakeholder and valued contributor to society, ensuring the sustainability of the polyolefins industry and Borouge. ​


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