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We educate with purpose, we innovate with purpose, we influence with purpose. Our purpose is to enhance people’s lives by producing creative and innovative plastic solutions. We are committed to sustainability​ providing solutions that make a difference and drive circular economy in the UAE and across the world. We strive to educate communities, industry and customers to affect real behavioural change,aiming to minimising the total environmental impact of plastics throughout their lifecycle.​

Our plastic components are revolutionising modern healthcare, helping to save, enhance and protect lives every day. Our dedicated grade range of polyolefins is designed to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare sector.


Our durable and light weight plastic automotive components are revolutionising car manufacturing. Our solutions used in the mobility industry​ are shaping tomorrow’s auto​motive needs.​

Our high-quality plastic wires, cable coatings and insulation materials, ens​ure energy is delivered safely, reliably and efficiently into our homes. We provide high quality polyolefin compounds to the wire and cable industry across the world.

Our corrosion free products, pipe systems and Water for the World initiative ensure access to fresh water and adequate sanitation to people across the world. We are committed to pioneering new and demanding applications for PE and PP pipes.

Our plastics solutions are a key component of cutting-edge technologies, making new applicationsin key industries a reality and enabling innovation. Our commitment to driving innovation strengthens our competitive advant​age and improves the quality and sustainability of our products.​

Our plastic multi-use food packaging is key to preserving food freshness for longer, reducing waste by up to 50% and with up to four times less environmental impact than alternatives. We are committed to driving circular economy and designing our packaging solutions that enablerecycling and fulfill the increasing demands of the food packaging industry. 

We are committed to preserving the environment and providing innovative plastics solutions that are lighter, easily recyclable and use less energy and water to produce. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything we do.