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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility we assume for the impact of our decisions and activities on society and the environment, therefore our CSR activities reflect the mission, vision and values of the company and its strategy.

Borouge's success is founded on the skills, creativity and dedication of its employees. As a company that operates globally, it recruits talents from diverse cultural backgrounds with a special focus on training and developing people from its local communities.

We invest in and support the community in areas where it can provide knowledge and capabilities; Borouge supports three priority areas in the communities where it operates, namely the Environment, Science Education and Water for the World. These are some of the key initiatives Borouge undertakes.

The Environment

Sustainable Campus Initiative

To strengthen and build sustainable leadership capacity amongst the youth, in 2014, Borouge together with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi launched the Sustainable Campus Initiative, supporting universities in the UAE to manage their environment footprint and engage in community projects. Today more than 14 universities participate in this program.

The goal of the Sustainability Campus Initiative is to strengthen and build leadership capacity amongst the Emirate's Youth to address issues of environmental sustainability and be the main agent of change in the Emirate in working towards and shaping sustainable communities. The initiative involves a self-audit within the campuses first and a subsequent correction plan followed by a community engagement project embedding a sustainability mind-set in the local communities.


Waste Free Environment

Waste Free Environment is a clean-up campaign initiated by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) aimed at raising the awareness of the public on the importance of preserving the environment and stop irresponsible waste disposals especially amongst the youth.

Since 2013, Borouge has supported this massive clean-up campaign and now together with strategic partners such as Fertil and Chemaweyaat, it is being held annually not only in the UAE but also in Asia.


Science Education

Think Science Fair:

In an effort to inspire, encourage, and empower Emirati youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years to choose science as a field of study and career path, Borouge participates in the Emirates Foundation's Think Science National Exhibition in Dubai thereby being able to reach out to over 5,000 students.


Water for the World

Water for the World

Since 2007 Borouge together with Borealis have implemented water related projects across the globe focusing on improving access to water and sanitation through local projects, preserving water resources through sustainable water management practices and advancing best practices and raising awareness in communities.

Our products contribute to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to meeting the needs of the communities in need and Borouge and Borealis partner with NGOs, plastic convertors and other value chain partners to implement these projects.


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