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Borouge is focusing extensively in promoting precision farming with its unique Borstar products. We are working with many value chain stakeholders including universities, R&D companies and progressive commercial farmers to promote our innovative solutions.

According to the UN, the world’s population will increase by 57 million people by 2050, which, will be accompanied by an increase in the rate of urbanisation, especially in China and India When it comes to water resource management, almost 80% of water is used for food production, and it will no longer be viable to depend on traditional monsoons for cultivating crops. There is an increased awareness among various government agencies and farming communities to use water resources efficiently and growers will have to resort to innovative methods to improve crop yield.


Our differentiated products offer unique benefits to farmers in improving crop yield and quality. Some of our solutions’ main features are:

  • Diffused light – offering high light transmission and high light scattering
  • Very high mechanical strength – offering possibility to down gauge
  • Less additives – offering higher service life 

At Borouge we are focusing on offering innovative solutions in greenhouse films, crop cover films, pond and aqua culture liners, mulch films and drip irrigation. We are actively working with local farmers and we are participating in key agriculture exhibitions to promote the usage of right quality products to the agriculture community.



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