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Borouge has a number of products based on its Borstar® technology that are very suitable for modern farming. Agricultural film and fibre applications can be divided into two main segments: growing and storage of crops. Growing applications can be further segmented into: greenhouse film, small tunnel film, direct covers, mulch film, shading nets and screens. The storage applications are subdivided in: silage films (wide sheets, tubes and stretch), net and twine.

Two segments of film adn fibre applications for agriculture 

Greenhouse film

Running a business is about creating conditions that improve profitability. Running a greenhouse farm is a challenging business. Borouge Borstar® technology can help to create the optimal conditions for growing crops in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse film   Greenhouse film   Greenhouse film

Borstar® FB2230 for greenhouse film

Borstar® FB2230 is a unique product for greenhouse film that helps farmers to maximise the available sunlight needed to grow crops. The strong mechanical performance of a film based on FB2230, gives the grower peace of mind, allowing him to concentrate on running his business.

How it works

A film that has 100% Borstar® FB2230 in the skin layers will have a matt surface. When magnified, this surface consists of small transparent polyethylene crystals that scatter the light. By scattering and diffusing the light, it is evenly distributed on the crops. A greenhouse film based on Borstar® FB2230 transmits more light than a clear film.

Why diffused light?*

Research performed by Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) in the Netherlands, and in Denmark by the Department of Agriculture and Ecology, University of Copenhagen, AgroTech, Institute for Agri Technology and Food Innovation and the Department of Horticulture, Aarhus University, supports the use of diffused light. Both studies found that diffused light in a greenhouse results in:

  • Earlier flowering
  • Shorter growth duration
  • Production increase
  • No influence on taste and shelf life on vegetables
  • Better and more regular light distribution
  • Less burnt number of leaf tips
  • Biomass formation of the plants increased
  • More efficient use of the greenhouse surface area

Borstar® FB2230 sets a new standard with a unique technology in greenhouse films. It is unique in its ability to transmit high amounts of photosynthetic active radiation PAR (the light that makes the plant grow) through light scattering. In addition to that, it provides excellent mechanical properties.


* Source: Europ.J.Hort.Sci., 75 (6). S. 253–258, 2010, ISSN 1611-4426; Report: “The effect of diffuse light in early cucumber” by Janse, J.; Dueck, T.A.; Kempkes, F.L.K.; “Tomato grown under diffuse light” by Janse, J.; Dueck, T.A.; Kempkes, F.L.K.; “More regular light for roses under diffuse glass” July/August 2011; “Potted plants experiment: more light results in shorter cultivation times”

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