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Borstar®, a state-of-the-art bi-modal proprietary technology owned by Borealis, supports the production of a wide range of enhanced PE and PP products for the most demanding applications by enabling molecular design. The Borstar® process offers simultaneous improvements in conversion economics as well as key environmental aspects such as energy efficiency and raw material recycling.

The Borstar® technology is based on a dual reactor process for bimodal production that yields broad molecular weight distribution while also providing a balance of processability and mechanical strength.

Borstar® FB5600 is a bimodal HDPE that offers superior stiffness and excellent barrier improvement for high-performing films used in major flexible packaging applications. Its superior environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)-stiffness balance makes it most suitable for applications such as lamitubes, lamination films and heavy duty shipping sacks (HDSS). It is an ideal grade for machine directed orientation (MDO) PE substrate film for PE and PE -fully recyclable laminates.

Key Features:

  • Superior stiffness
  • Excellent tensile properties and flexural modulus
  • High barrier, low water vapour transmission rate (WVTR)
  • Excellent ESCR compared to market products of similar density
  • Excellent gel control

Grade Name

MFR, g/10min
190°C, 2.16kg

ASMT D1238

Density (kg/m3)


Slip/Anti-block Polymer Processing Aid (PPA)
FB5600 0.7 960 -- --

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