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​​We are surrounded by energy as it is transported through cables in buildings, streets, underground, overhead and at the bottom of waterways and seas. Given the crucial function of cables and the challenge of installing them, safety, reliability and longevity are extremely important. The cable jacket shields the cable from external influences and plays an essential part in safeguarding system functionality throughout the cable’s lifetime.

Built on more than 50 years of experience, Borouge and Borealis provide high quality polyolefin compounds to the wire and cable industry across the world. Cutting-edge innovations based on Borlink™ technology makes power grids more robust and reliable, help eliminate wastage, and make it possible to transport energy from renewable sources more efficiently and over longer distances.

We offer a broad range of sophisticated extra-high, high and medium voltage cable  solutions, semi-conductive products as well as low voltage energy transmission and distribution cable jacketing solutions which have excellent mechanical performance and easy processability.

Extra High Voltage Alternating Current (EHV AC) 

High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) 

High Voltage Direct Current (HDVC)

Cable Jacketing Solutions made in the UAE:

Borstar® Cable Jacketing compounds 

Solar energy

Our innovative materials for solar energy panels provide reliability and affordability while delivering superior performance, making solar energy a more effective and viable alternative than ever.

Quentys™ encapsulant films

Our encapsulant films feature superior resistance to ultraviolet rays and a lamination process that increases module reliability and removes the need for a chemical reaction. This significantly reduces the time and costs of manufacturing while delivering the functionality and durability required in solar modules.

  • Reduced lamination cycle time: thermoplastic film that does not require crosslinking or reactive modification
  • Reduced costs for extra materials: high viscosity resin that doesn’t easily flow out during lamination, avoiding the need for separate tapes or strips
  • Increased power output: stable polymers ensure that the cell is well protected from degradation triggered by humidity, temperature and UV radiation

Quentys™ PP for backsheet solutions

Our specially developed polypropylene compounds for backsheets deliver high performance at low cost while fulfilling various technical requirements of solar modules. Additionally, they are easily extrudable on their own or can be combined effectively with other layers in a co-extrusion process for a more streamlined production process. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Much higher resistance to UV radiation compared to standard core materials
  • High water barrier
  • Cost savings and simplification during production​