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Borouge is one of the leading suppliers of specialty polypropylene (PP) resins to the white goods industry, helping the industry deliver durable end-products that add convenience and comfort to people's everyday lives.

Our decades of experience in plastics technology ensure that customers in the entire value chain can depend on high quality materials that meet the toughest requirements, including high impact and temperature resistance, high stiffness and strong aesthetic properties.

Today appliances have become part of our daily life. Households across the globe seem to be incomplete without a set up of choice home appliances (large or small appliances), making the life simpler, easier and quicker: Appliances for preserving and cooking of food, washing dishes and clothes, supporting many house hold activities like cleaning the house as trimming the gardens. With the growing population, increased standards of living, aging population, urbanization, the demand and dependency on the household appliance has been growing high. Today we see on the market thousands of different appliances for domestic needs are available with high quality.

Some typical appliance applications include:

  • Large appliances (white goods): Washing machines, dishwashers, fridges , freezers, dryers and air-conditioners

  • Small appliances: Vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, ventilators, microwave ovens, power tools, water kettles, steam irons, toasters, rice-cookers, tea -makers, water heaters, motor housings, consumer electronics, other household and personal care products.

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From a technical perspective, polypropylene fulfils the demanding industry requirements best: The material offers excellent stiffness/impact balance and is detergent resistant up to 95°C. It equally provides ESCR(environmental stress crack resistance) in combined detergent (chemical) and mechanical (dynamic) load during product life time and has demonstrated low or even non-yellowing of the material in test environments.

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Polypropylene (PP) offers a broad range of materials and has become the dominant polymer used for a variety of new domestic appliances over the past few decades: The material provides superior aesthetics, excellent surface finish, strong mechanical or processing properties, good dimensional stability and creep resistance.

Besides high performance characteristics, cost competitiveness is also an important consideration for the appliance market segment.

Whether it is climate protection, energy conservation or access to water and food, the challenges facing our world are very relevant to the plastics industry.

We can make a difference, not only in the way we operate but also how we provide sustainable solutions to address these challenges. Borealis and Borouge advanced plastics materials are shaping sustainable solutions across the entire water value chain, from source to network, for food protection, water supply or sewage systems.

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