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Thin Wall Packaging

Injection moulding polypropylene (PP) materials deliver optimal combination of flow, impact resistance and stiffness

The Thin Wall packaging market is composed of open-top containers and lids that are used in both food and non-food applications. Open-top plastic containers are typically used for:

  • frozen or fresh food
  • paint
  • adhesives
  • lubricants
  • cosmetics
Cup noodles packaging



Borouge’s material grades provide benefits such as:

  • specially designed for in-mould label applications
  • increased throughput for converters due to reduced cooling time and high flowability
  • design freedom for the brand owner to create new, attractive shapes;
  • superior stackability through high stiffness and excellent creep properties to reduce supply chain costs and improve efficiency
  • excellent transparency which lets consumers see through the packaging while providing safe storage and easy opening
  • good dimensional stability with low warping behaviour, especially beneficial for rectangular applications like lids
Containers made with Borouge's resin 

Recommended grades for thin wall packaging

RJ766MO is a highly transparent random copolymer PP that is well suited for thin wall applications with and without in-mould label (IML). Formulated to exhibit excellent antistatic properties without risk of blooming, this product is also recognised for its very fast processing in injection moulding, due to its high flow and good demoulding behaviour. RJ7660MO is ideally suited for refrigerated food packaging applications.

Bormod™ BH975MO is a very fast processing heterophasic impact PP copolymer, specially designed for frozen food containers and small pails up to 5 litres with in-mould label.

The impact and stiffness has been carefully balanced to allow container weight reduction through thin wall designs. The unique Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) ensures very fast crystallisation, allowing reduced cycle time even compared to higher flow materials. Although very well suited for TWP applications, the versatility of BH975MO has made it popular across a range of applications from washing machine tubs to houseware.

Bormod™ BJ368MO is a very high flow heterophasic impact PP copolymer, especially suited for high productivity thin wall containers with IML. The good impact resistance also at low temperatures makes it ideal for refrigerated or frozen food applications like ice cream and other dairy products. The unique Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) ensures very fast crystallisation, allowing reduced cycle time even compared to higher flow materials.

HJ311MO is a fast processing PP homopolymer with very low taste and odour. The balance of high flow, high stiffness and impact resistance at room temperature makes it ideally suited for thin wall disposable containers. The good dimensional stability and low warping behaviour is well appreciated in rectangular applications such as flat lids. The unique Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) contributes to very high productivity through fast crystallisation during injection moulding.

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