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Transport packaging

Transport Packaging

Borouge supplies a range of polypropylene grades for injection moulded transport packaging. PP grades are typically used to make returnable packaging such as boxes, trays, crates, beverage crates, pallets and waste bins. In addition, they are also used for luggage systems such as suitcases.

The key requirement for returnable transport packaging (RTP) is durability. The plastic materials need to withstand handling and stacking during transportation and storage, and resist wear to preserve their attractiveness when used in stores as sales displays.

To meet these challenging requirements, Borouge products offer a number of benefits:

  • Production output increase
    • Reduced cooling time
    • High flowability
  • Superior stackability
    • High stiffness
    • Excellent creep properties
  • Good impact resistance
transport packaging  

Bormod™ is the answer

Borouge developed two Borstar® PP grades for RTP systems: Bormod™ BF970MO and Bormod™ BE961MO. Both are heterophasic copolymers that extend the stiffness-impact balance of PP to new levels.

The grades are manufactured using Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT) to provide a highly uniform crystalline structure during cooling, and rapid solidification for earlier de-moulding and higher output in the IM process.

Returnable Transport Packaging made from these Bormod™ grades has the following properties:

  • Durability: they have a long service life compared to wood or cardboard. Whereas a cardboard box can rarely be reused, when an RTP is used for 20 trips or more, the cost per trip is as low as 25% of the cardboard box.
  • Lightweight: the low weight of RTP creates further supply chain savings.
  • Excellent product protection: RTP solutions maintain their properties under all weather conditions and provide excellent product protection.
  • Preservation: thanks to better air circulation (head space perforations), RTP offers excellent temperature control and extended shelf life for products in the cold distribution system.
  • Hygiene: PP absorbs no water, bacteria or odours, making the RTP easy to clean, steam, wash, or sterilise. No fumigation is required.
  • Easy integration with automated warehousing systems: due to their stability of dimensions, RTPs are ideal for automated warehousing systems.
  • Recyclability and re-usabilty: 20 to 25% of the raw material consumption in this application is recycled material.
  • Design freedom: polyolefins allow RTPs to be turned into marketing tools.
  • Waste reduction: EU directives to reduce waste have eroded the financial viability of disposable transport packaging. RTPs are a reusable solution.
  • Traceability: electronic tagging and tracing (RFID) can easily be integrated in RTPs.

Bormod™ BE961MO vs. Bormod™ BF970MO

When a fast processing, durable packaging solution is needed, Bormod™ BE961MO offers excellent impact resistance and low creep at elevated temperatures. Moreover, output increases of up to 15% vs. MFR4 material are possible due to its excellent flowability (MFR=12).

When a fast processing, high stiffness packaging solution is needed, Bormod™ BF970MO provides superior stackability. A 10% decrease in cycle time vs. MFR14 material is possible, while delivering an enhanced balance of mechanical properties (MFR=20).

Bormod™ grades with a high MFR, have demonstrated that they can replace low MFR grades while maintaining mechanical performance. A high MFR, combined with Borstar® Nucleation Technology, results in production savings by reducing cycle times.

Borouge continuously develops more Bormod™ grades to extend its range of materials for transport packaging.

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