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Performance PE – Anbiq™

AnbiqTM - A unique combination, a unique product offering

AnbiqTM is a LLDPE resin produced using the proprietary Borstar® bimodal technology. It is an enhanced LLDPE, offering a unique balance of mechanical properties, sealing performance, easy processing and good optics in practical applications.
Created using the proprietary bimodal technology and an advanced smart catalyst system, Anbiq™ delivers fit for purpose performance and cost efficiency for our customers and value chain partners. These new packaging grades offer greater competitive advantage for customers and addresses the market demands for high quality flexible packaging solutions.

Key attributes
High clarity/ gloss
Good mechanical performances
Good sealing performance
Low level of extractable
Easy processability

*Polymer Processing Aid 

Anbiq™’s first two grades FM1810 and FM1818 are suitable to be part of the recipe for most flexible film applications such as high end premium boutique bags, garment bags, courier bags, liquid packaging films, lamination / mulch films, polyolefin shrink film and heavy duty shipping sacks. Moreover, their unique properties and performance combination enable flexible film converters to achieve an outstanding benefit-to-cost ratio.

The launch of Anbiq™ is an exciting addition to Borouge’s packaging portfolio. Anbiq™ grades demonstrate Borouge’s commitment to develop high performance polymer solutions to meet the constantly changing market trends and needs of our customers, whilst contributing to the circular economy and ensuring sustainability.


Product Datasheet  (FM1810, FM1818
FDA Compliance Statement  ( FM1810, FM1818)
Chemical Compliance Statement ( FM1810, FM1818)
Safety Information Sheet (FM1810,FM1818)

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