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Anteo: the new ingredient for complete success in flexible packaging

Borouge and Borealis have high performing bimodal polyethylene resins now available, exhibiting outstanding mechanical performances in flexible packaging together with exceptional processing behaviour allowing lower energy consumption during extrusion.

Borstar® technology did not deliver high transparent sealing material until today. Now the combination of the Borstar Bimodal Technology together with a smart catalyst design has allowed the development of the next generation of bimodal terpolymers, offering all the benefits of Borealis and Borouge’s well-known Borstar PE products, alongside excellent sealing performances and good optical properties.
As the key ingredient for higher performance and more sustainable multilayer applications, Anteo opens up a range of exciting application opportunities thanks to its unique combination of superior end-use properties.

Having been tested and confirmed by over 100 Borealis and Borouge customers around the globe, the proven benefits of Anteo span the entire value chain.

Uniquely made in the UAE

It is the first time Borealis and Borouge jointly manufacture a product at one single location. 

This endeavour is enabled by the excellent cooperation and technology exchange between both companies.

Customers benefit from guaranteed and consistent quality product and the companies' joint supply chain capabilities across the globe.