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Borouge is a leading supplier of advanced polyolefins for flexible and stiff geomembrane applications. Our products are designed to meet demanding needs throughout the value chain, from the converter to the contractor installing the geomembrane, to long-term performance in its final application.

Products based on our Borstar® technology offer converters easy processing, high output rates, consistency, and easy and good dispersion of colours. Combined with the strong mechanical properties of Borstar® grades, it makes these products suitable for long-term protection of the environment as well as constructions. Furthermore, our products also allow for strong seals, further improving the safety and reliability of geomembrane installations based on Borstar®.

Some examples of Borstar® geomembranes uses are:

  • Waste and landfills
  • Mining
  • Water storage
  • Canals
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Building and construction

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geomembrane applications 

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