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Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks

Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks

Globalization has increased intercontinental trade and the transportation of goods. As a result, the need to protect free-flowing materials in various types of sacks has also grown. The production of shipping sacks is one of the largest segments for film converters.

To accommodate this trend, Borouge developed a line of Borstar® bimodal film grades for heavy duty sacks. Our Borstar® grades combine high impact and seal strength to reduce the risks of breakage.


Heavy duty shipping sacks (HDSS) are used for goods such as:

  • Plastic pellets
  • Pigments
  • Fertilizer
  • Sand
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Intermediate products

LDPE and LDPE/LLDPE blends are the most common resin compositions for HDSS, mainly because of cost and availability reasons. Many film converters use the co-extrusion technology to manufacture these films, incorporating higher density materials in core layers to provide increased stiffness and facilitate down-gauging.

Key film requirements for HDSS

It is important that the film used to make heavy duty shipping sacks provides:

  • Rigidity/stiffness during packaging, storage and transport to avoid tearing, rupture or other damage to the film
  • Optimal film thickness distribution and creep resistance to avoid tearing, rupture or other damage to the film
  • Sufficient heat sealing range for trouble-free sealing and high packaging speed
  • Low inside friction and blocking for easy opening
  • Toughness to avoid bag failures and product spoilage during handling

Borouge heavy duty sack 

heavy duty sack during packing 


Solutions adapted to the needs of the market

Borstar® bimodal LLDPE film grades offer a combination of high impact and seal strength that reduces the risk of packages bursting during various stages of their lifetime - from filling, to transportation, to end-use.

Additional benefits of using Borstar® bimodal film grades are:

  • Material savings, lower costs
  • Shorter production time per bag for a lower unit cost
  • Reduced transport costs
  • reduced environmental taxation
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