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Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, officially launched two advanced grades of the BorPureTM high density polyethylene (HDPE) family at Chinaplas 2014. The essence of this innovation has been in developing solutions to support the beverage industry’s increasing adoption of lightweight, standard short-neck closures (PCO 1881) that bring savings for the total packaging application.
Originating from the R&D collaboration between Borouge and Borealis, BorPure MB5568 and MB5569 are designed mainly for caps and closures for carbonated soft drinks, juices, tea and bottled water. Built on the unique Borstar® multimodal polyethylene (PE) technology platform, BorPure MB5568 and MB5569 will enable the beverage industry to fulfil their ambition of going even lighter and quicker. The unique Borstar® multimodal PE technology allows the tailoring of PE mechanical and processing properties. This means that specific applications needs can be met using less material and without compromising performance. A significant breakthrough, BorPure MB5568 and MB5569 deliver an average 50% and 10% improvement respectively in stiffness and Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) over their existed outstanding predecessors BorPure MB6561 and MB6562.
“The beverage industry is constantly looking for solutions that improve cost efficiency,” commented Aster Teo, Borouge’s Application Marketing Manager for Caps and Closures. “Brand owners and converters have been focusing on reducing the weight of closures. As such, BorPure MB5568 and MB5569 will support this initiative and enable the value chain to meet this goal.”
While lightweighting has been a priority, taste and odour of the product is of primary importance to the consumer. BorPure MB5568 and MB5569, as all BorPure grades, provide the industry leading organoleptic properties to ensure that the taste and odour of the product are not altered. When it comes to ease of processing, as a multimodal polymer, BorPure MB5568 and MB5569 have a flow equivalent to that of benchmark unimodal MFR 2 HDPE resin.
“With BorPure MB5568 and MB5569, converters and brand owners can produce lighter closures and be cost competitive,” added James Ong, Borouge’s Marketing Manager of Marketing Centre Moulding. “In doing so, they also reduce the carbon footprint of their products and consequently contributing to envirornmental sustainability.”
Borouge’s first value calculator application for smart phones and devices
Borouge also showcased its first interactive value calculator application for smart phones and devices. This application was developed as an easy-to-use tool for the value chain to uncover how their material choice impacts not only the cost of their operation, but also the environment.
Users can learn via the built-in case studies and conduct their own virtual trials by keying in basic moulding process information while the application generates insightful reports and graphics on material performance and its influence on productivity, profitability and energy saving. With this, convertors can easily perform simple material comparison analysis by using the application before the actual production trial.
The value calculator application is now available free of charge from iTunes.
Borouge is showcasing these innovative solutions at the Chinaplas 2014 trade fair in Shanghai, China, Hall N2, Booth F0N1, from 23 - 26 April.
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