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Borouge and Borealis have played a pioneering role in the development of the first-ever injection moulded truck bumper and front panel

Borouge and Borealis, leading providers of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, have played a pioneering role in the development of the first-ever injection moulded truck bumper and front panel. The structural components for IVECO’s latest Stralis truck were developed using Nepol™ GB303HP, a long glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene (PP) solution from Borealis. Nepol replaces unsaturated polyester glass fibre used in other techniques reducing production complexity while meeting the high mechanical and environmental-friendly requirements specified by IVECO.

Through the selection of Nepol GB303HP and the injection moulding process for the bumper and front panel structural components, IVECO’s Tier One Supplier Plastal was able to achieve the stringent requirements with a dedicated thermoplastic mechanical and aesthetical design and to integrate more functions into one mould than is possible with other techniques. By requiring fewer production steps and reducing complexity, Plastal achieved faster production times with less material waste. Furthermore, Nepol’s good mould-flow helped to ensure consistent quality at fast line speeds during production.

New Nepol GB303HP for the structural part and Daplen EE260AE used for the front panel boost the environmental performance of IVECO’s Stralis by providing for a 30% weight reduction, leading to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Also, the material is fully recyclable, in compliance with European legislation.

Furthermore, the excellent sound reduction performance provided by Nepol GB303HP, when compared to metal and glass fibre reinforced materials, increases driver comfort by reducing the level of vibration and motor noise.

The end-user can also benefit from the aesthetical and mechanical advantages Nepol GB303HP brings. The grade’s excellent impact/stiffness ratio and good dimensional stability at high temperatures deliver the high crash performance required of this application. It also provides the exceptional surface quality typically associated with glass fibre.

Daplen™ thermoplastic olefin (TPO) grade for the visible bumper fascia was also proposed to achieve the consistent, high quality Class A surface aesthetics required by IVECO. This Daplen EE260AE offers very low thermal expansion and outstanding paint adhesion to create a smooth, high performance surface finish.

“Borealis’ continuous close cooperation with the automotive value chain allows us to draw on our expertise and product innovations to offer solutions that reduce production complexity while exceeding performance criteria. This is the first time polypropylene has been used in such an application and the move towards injection moulded bumper and front panel structures is a significant advance for the industry,” Hu Wei, Vice President at Borouge, comments. “The additional environmental and performance features also benefit the end-user and society. We are proud to be part of this pioneering development together with Plastal and Iveco.”

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For further information please contact:

Rosanna Cil, Group Communications Manager, Borouge
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