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Borstar® Technology

The unique Borstar® process and catalyst technology enables Borouge to provide a differentiated range of polyethylene and polypropylene innovative plastics solutions for infrastructure applications (including pipe systems, and power and communication cables), automotive components and advanced packaging.

This innovative technology from Borealis is central to Borouge’s competitive edge over its competitors. The technology for polyethylene and now polypropylene production has incited keen market interest since its commercial debut in 1995.

The Borstar® Technology process provides enhanced innovative bimodal polymers that:

  • Combine excellent mechanical strength and product processability (such as tougher, stiffer yet thinner films for food packaging
  • Are used in a differentiated range of product applications
  • Are cost effective by accelerating converting processes
  • Allow material savings of up to 30 per cent
  • Are environmentally-friendly (for example, Polyethylene based on Borstar® technology provides 10% lower energy consumption per tonne produced).
The unique balance of properties and processing is made possible by Borstar® Technology, which combines bimodal polymerization with controlled co-monomer addition, yielding enhanced polyethylene with broad molecular weight distribution.

Borstar® solutions are designed to be high-performance and high-value. Their superior performance enables significant down-gauging and reduced product weight for high performance packaging applications, wire and cable jacketing and superior pipe systems.

Borstar® is a registered trademark of Borealis.