High Performance Polypropylene Material for Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Films

Material for your lithium-ion battery separator that delivers excellent safety and mechanical properties


Enhanced Safety for your Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) Separator Films​

Borouge’s polypropylene (PP) is an excellent material for dry-process lithium-ion battery separator films. The material's strong mechanical properties, including its high puncture strength and tensile strength, ensure the safety of the battery. Additionally, the high crystallinity of the material allows it to maintain excellent dimensional stability at high temperatures. ​​


Sustainable Processing

Borouge's PP material allows for the production of lithium-ion battery separator films without organic solvents. This minimises the environmental impact and prevents the risks of solvent exposure.


Improved Processibility​

Borealis Borstar® Bimodal technology for PP offers exceptional flexibility in polymer design by combining smart catalyst design with a superior, two-reactor system process. It allows for improved processability, mechanical properties and shorter cycle times for our customers’ operations. ​​


Develop your LIB separator films with Borouge PP materials

Borouge is committed to supporting the shift to electrical power and enhancing battery systems for e-mobility. We are fully dedicated to delivering a full portfolio of electrification materials.

Contact us to make LIB separator films with Borouge materials and achieve sustainable, high-performing and safer batteries.

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