Cable Jacketing Solutions Made In The UAE

Offered on two performance classes based on traditional voltage and new operational stress classifications, our HV XLPE solutions provide cable designers with maximum flexibility to develop compact cable solutions based on functional specifications. All Borealis Borlink™ solutions are produced and packed in a closed loop environment with advanced quality assurance systems to ensure consistent high levels of cleanliness, allowing them to deliver cable systems with long term reliability and overall system safety to utilities providers.


High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) – 230kV from Borouge​

Borlink™ LS4201S is intended for power cables of up to 230kV and a maximum operating stress of 10kV/mm. Produced under superior cleanliness levels synonymous with the propriety Borlink™ technology, Borouge is able to offer an extended range of tailored XLPE solutions with varying cleanliness specifications, giving producers greater flexibility of design to meet the specific functional requirements of their products. Borouge manufactured LS4201S has been type- tested in accordance with IEC 62067 at a rated voltage of 127/220 (245) kV​​


High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) – 161kV from Borouge

Developed on Borlink™ technology with cutting-edge low-scorch base resin, Borlink™ LS4201H features the benefits of superior scorch security and reliability for long production campaigns and a reduced degassing burden. Since its successful introduction in 2018, LS4201H has become firmly established in the 110kV segment or applications with a design operating stress of up to 7kV/mm.

Cables produced with LS4201H are also fully type tested under the GB/T 11017 and IEC 60840 international standards, demonstrating the consistency and robustness of Borouge’s XLPE solutions under the most challenging of test conditions.

Application Voltage (kV) Operating Stress (kV/mm) Borlink™ Insulation Borlink™ Semicon Jacket
High Productivity XLPE ≤161 ≤7 LS4201H LE0592

Borstar® HE6062/ME6052

​Casico™ FR6082 (Flame retardant)

Borlink™ LE0563 (Semicon) 

High Productivity XLPE ≤230​ ≤10 LS4201S LE0​592S
High Viscosity ​XLPE (Low sag)   -  - LE42​44S​​​

Medium Voltage Solutions from Borouge​

High productivity XLPE solutions from Borouge allow producers to generate increased output and longer campaign runs to achieve greater production flexibility and lower overall production costs while maintaining consistency and quality. They also have a wider processing temperature window and low scorch generation, allowing for extended production runs and higher outputs as compared to conventional, homogeneous XLPE solutions; producers can run extrusion lines with better efficiency, maximise output and produce longer lengths of cable per production run.

Application Borlink™ Insulation Borlink™ Insulation Screen Borlink™ Semicon Bo​rstar Jacket
High Productivity XLPE LS4201R LE0598/LE0592LE0520 LE0598LE0592 HE6062ME6052LE8707
Additive based WTR LE0592 LE0520 LE0592
Copolymer based WTR LH4201R LE0592 LE0592

Low Voltage Solutio​ns from Borouge​

Visico™/Ambicat™ XLPE solutions for low voltage (LV) applications allows producers to enjoy greater productivity, output and cost efficiency. With a reactor made base material, Visico™ has an unparalleled scorch performance which enables non-stop production runs of up to one month. Used in combination with Visico™, our Ambicat™ catalyst is produced with sulphonic acid as a base – a greener alternative to harmful organic tin additives. Moreover, it generates a faster cross linking process, which in turn, facilitates the curing of the insulation layer at ambient conditions, omitting the need for a water bath or sauna.

Visico™ (base material) Colour
LE4423 Natural
Ambicat™ (catalyst) Colour
LE4476 Natural
ME4472 Black