High Durability, Low Friction HDPE Solar Tracker Bearings ​

Material for your Solar Tracker Bearings, featuring excellent mechanical properties, optimised UV performance and exceptional durability under outdoor conditions.


Enhanced efficiency for your solar system​

HDPE material has a low coefficient of friction, therefore making it an excellent choice for solar tracker bearings. The self-lubrication ability of the material reduces the amount of energy required to move the bearings, improving the overall system efficiency of your solar system.​​


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Better Durability

HDPE exhibits superior wear properties, enabling it to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that solar tracker bearings are exposed to. As a result, the service life of solar tracker bearings can be significantly extended, which is particularly important for remote solar power plants where servicing is often difficult and expensive.


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Optimised UV Performance ​

Borouge’s HDPE material for solar tracker bearings has carbon black added to improve UV radiation absorption and prevent degradation due to sunlight exposure. This feature is particularly crucial for solar tracker systems, which are installed in open fields with high levels of sunlight exposure.


Greener and Sustainable Solar Tracker Bearings

Borouge believes in reducing, reusing and recycling to advance circularity and help address global challenges. Our HDPE material is recyclable, contributing to reducing carbon emissions in the upstream manufacturing processes of solar photovoltaic systems. Moreover, Borouge goes a step further by providing innovative recyclate solutions that effectively lower the carbon footprint of your solar tracker bearings while still meeting the stringent specifications and requirements.



Source: https://8billiontrees.com/carbon-offsets-credits/carbon-footprint-recycling/ 


Develop your solar tracker bearings with Borouge HDPE materials​​

Borouge is committed to supporting the adoption of renewable energy and improving photovoltaic systems. We are fully dedicated to delivering a full portfolio of electrification materials. Develop your photovoltaic system structural components with Borouge HDPE materials for enhanced efficiency, durability and sustainability.​​

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