​Homo polypropylene (pp) for rigid packaging application


Homo polypropylene (pp) for rigid packaging application

Borouge is a leading supplier of polypropylene (PP) resins for advanced rigid packaging. Based on unique proprietary Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT), we provide innovative, differentiated and sustainable solutions that help to address different product characteristics required in specific packaging applications for food and beverages as well as non-food applications such as housewares.

Benefits of Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT):

  • Fast crystallisation with short cycle time in processing
  • Uniform and homogenious nucleation within the material
  • Excellent mechanical properties and processing balance
  • Excellent organoleptic

Literature finder

Grade Name MFR, g/10min 190°C, 2.16kgISO1130 Features* Key Performance Recommended Application
HC205TF 4 BNT Good clarity and stiffness Thermoforming for glossy trays, cups and containers
HD168MO 10 BNT Good flow behaviourHigh stiffnessReduced cycle time/ higher outputGood ImpactSustainability solutions compatible Closures, Sanitary equipment, Houseware, General Packaging, Garden furniture, Compounds and master batches​
HE125MO 12 - Good stiffness Houseware and closures
HG385MO 25 AS, BNT,SA, CR Good stiffness-impact balance, fast cycle, excellent gloss and excellent dimensional stability Coloured closures and hinge caps
BorPureTM HJ333MO 75 AS, BNT High flow, Very high productivity,Excellent organoleptic performance, Good demoulding propertiesExcellent stiffness/ impact - balance, Low warpage​ Takeaway food packaging,Thin wall containers,Media Packaging,Rectangular and flat products like lids and trays

*AS: Antistatic Agent, BNT: Borstar Nucleation Technology, SA: Slip Agent, AB: Anti-Blocking Agent, CA: Clarifying Agent