Borouge successfully completed a three-year agriculture yield improvement programme in India late last year using advanced Borstar® technology. Our innovative and sustainable greenhouse solutions have significantly improved crop productivity and water conversation, enabling all-year farming and better livelihood for the agriculture community.  

Borouge on National Television in India

As a testament to the wide-spread interest and success of this agriculture programme, Borouge was invited to participate in a flagship farming TV programme on India’s National Television, Doordarshan, which aired on 1 April 2023. Titled “Vichar Vimarsh”, the popular programme is highly regarded by the local agriculture and farming community, with an estimated average viewership of one million. 

Sandeep Puri, Borouge’s Vice President of Packaging for Asia South, spoke at the one-hour programme, discussing various challenges the farmers faced – such as climate change, water scarcity, resources shortage – and how Borouge’s innovative agriculture solutions helped address these challenges, enabling all-year farming and better livelihood for the agriculture community. 

Borouge’s solutions and close collaboration with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) 

Under the yield improvement project, a greenhouse facility was set up to evaluate the crop yield performance using FB1200 greenhouse film compared to conventional greenhouse film. The project trials highlighted the benefits of the Borstar® technology in precision farming, which was reaffirmed by increased farming productivity and water conservation statistics. 

These great results were further endorsed by strong testimonials from the two panellists on the same Doordarshan TV programme – Dr PK Singh, a Principal Scientist of IARI, and Mr Kamlesh Chaudhary, a progressive farmer. The panellists affirmed that Borouge’s FB1200 greenhouse film significantly increased the income and livelihood of the local Indian farmers. 

Summing up the show, Sandeep reiterated Borouge’s commitment to work with our value chain partners to offer sustainable and innovative agriculture solutions to support the farming industry in India. 




Click here​ to watch the Doordarshan TV Programme.