Borouge, a leading petrochemical company providing innovative and differentiated solutions, continues to strengthen its existing value-chain partnerships through several new opportunities in Egypt – a strategic market where the Company has long-standing ties. Borouge has contributed to shaping the country’s most prominent projects, which are driving demand for energy, infrastructure and agriculture solutions.

Borouge’s first shipment of products reached Egypt in 2002, setting strong foundations for a long-term relationship with an increasing number of customers. In 2020, Borouge established its marketing office in Egypt as a result of the long history of collaboration between Borouge and its loyal Egyptian manufacturers for the past two decades and in line with its growth strategy and commitment to meet the requirements of customers in the MENA region. 


Borouge partnered with Krah Misr, a leading manufacturer of large diameter pipes and fittings, to supply infrastructure solutions for the world’s largest wastewater treatment plant, Bahr Al Baqar Wastewater Plant. The Guinness World Record winner is situated in the northwest of Egypt.
The pipes were made using raw materials supplied by Borouge, using Borstar® technology, significantly lowering installation costs, operational costs, and maintenance costs for its customers and end-users, compared to other materials. 

Furthermore, Borouge’s materials require significantly lower energy consumption to be manufactured. These factors cut carbon emissions generated during the manufacturing process of the pipe and its operational lifespan. Pipes made of BorSafe™ material can also be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.


Borouge collaborated with Egypt Cable, a leading cable manufacturer, to provide sustainable and innovative power cabling for the world’s largest solar photovoltaic park, Benban Solar Park.

The USD 4 billion (EGP 63.9 billion) solar power complex is made up of 41 solar power plants and was built to realise the goals of the Egypt’s national Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035, which include generating 20% of the country’s power needs from renewable sources. Egypt Cable manufactured the cabling of the solar installations for the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, using Borouge’s and Borealis’ innovative energy solutions.

The properties of Borlink™ are designed using a proprietary high pressure (HP) process to produce high purity, low density polyethylene (LDPE) base polymers. These raw materials have superior electrical transmission properties and enables the delivery of a wide range of material solutions such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) for high productivity, and the world’s first commercially available solutions for high voltage direct current (HVDC) XLPE cable applications.


Borouge supplied the gas distribution company, Egypt Gas, with energy and infrastructure solutions to power thousands of households as part of the ‘Hayah Karima’ initiative (meaning Decent Life). The USD 38.2 billion (EGP 600 billion) project aims to improve the quality of life and standard of living of over half of Egypt’s population – mainly in the poorest rural communities - under the National Vision 2030.

The yellow BorSafe™ ME3441 MDPE and the orange BorSafe™ HE3492LSH PE100 materials are currently being used in the Hayah Karima project and they both enable the manufacturing of highly flexible pipes which are essential in sub-mains and housing connections. Furthermore, Borouge’s energy and infrastructure solutions are ideal for meeting the rapidly growing expansion needs of the Egyptian national gas grid.


Borouge supplied Egypt-based Emirati Jenaan Pipes & Irrigations Systems company (JPIS) with its innovative and sustainable solutions for the manufacturing of irrigation pipe systems used in one of the world’s largest sugar refineries. The refinery located in Egypt, with JPIS already installing its polyethylene pipes. The pipes range from 32-milimeter (mm) to 600 mm in diameter for more than 700 pivot systems, drawing water from wells drilled into the Nubian aquifer to irrigate an area of 76,000 hectares. 

Borouge’s agriculture solutions ensure that the piping systems at the refinery eliminate water leakage from irrigation systems. The project is highly strategic for Egypt as it will contribute to reducing the country’s reliance on sugar imports by 80%.


Borouge is a strategic partner of the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), which supports the UAE-Egypt-Jordan-Bahrain Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Growth. The partnership aims to unlock opportunities for enhancing economic growth between the four countries, across key sectors, including petrochemicals. The agreement acts as a framework for driving Borouge’s future operations in Egypt, expanding the number of projects, and promoting further economic growth in both countries.

Since Borouge’s first ever shipment of polyolefins arrived in Egypt, the company partnered with Egypt’s biggest infrastructure, agricultural, energy and advanced packaging providers to accelerate the rate of the country’s development.​