Mobility solutions for supporting the driving of tomorrow

Design thinking, consumer experience, light weighting electrification​ and sustainability are shaping tomorrow's automotive needs.​

Borouge's and Borealis' leading-​​​edge polypropylene (PP) compounded materials are used in a wide range of exterior, interior and under-the-bonnet applications. These include bumpers, body panels, exterior trims, dashboards, door claddings, front end carriers and air intake manifolds, amongst others.

Today, PP compounds serve as a replacement solution for conventional materials like metal, as polymers are lighter, easier to process, are more environmentally friendly, and offer greater design freedom. Our comprehensive range of PP compounds are rooted in unique, proprietary Borstar® technology, which facilitates the tailoring and balancing of the compounded properties to customise the desired performance for each application. 

Borouge and Borealis remain committed to helping the automotive industry enable faster development-to-production cycles while raising the bar of providing reliable and high- performance solution. 

We seek to develop a long- term partnership with value chain customers in technical service, CAED and engineering support.

High performance recycled PP compounds had been developed for automotive interior, exterior and under-the-bonnet applications to help OEMs reduce vehicle carbon footprint to achieve sustainable goals



Designs of car exteriors are changing rapidly to present new styling, provide higher safety performance and contribute more to weight reduction.

In the fast growing new energy vehicle segment, key exterior features such as bumpers are being developed with low density polymers with thin wall design.

Borouge and Borealis offer a wide range of polypropylene compounds for bumper, fender, body panel and grill applications. Metal replacement, high integration of the functions and low thermal expansion performance are the key technical requirements for such applications.

Key benefits for customers

  • Low density, high flow and excellent mechanical performance
  • UV stabilised material for unpainted exterior trims
  • Excellent paintability and aesthetic quality
  • Low shrinkage high dimensional stability
  • Greater design freedom
  • Metallic colours to reduce painting process
  • Polymer-made body panel achieves weight savings of 50% compared to metal​
  • High performance recycled exterior for sustainability
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​​Pleasing interior designs provide consumers with greater comfort and differentiates the driving experience.Key elements of high quality interior trim includes low gloss, scratch resistance and low volatile organic compounds (VOC), ensuring an odour-free experience that offers greater consumer comfort and safety.

Interior components require new low density material or use new process technology e.g. micro-foaming process to achieve weight savings.

Borouge's and Borealis' interior product portfolio includes the instrument panel, centre console, door panel, A/B/C pillars and seat trim.

Key benefits for customers

  • Light-weighting through low density interior materials
  • Foaming grades with excellent foaming behaviour and homogeneous cell size
  • High impact at -30⁰C providing greater passenger safety
  • High scratch resistance​
  • Low VOC and odour
  • Non stickiness
  • High performance recycled interior for sustainability
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Under the bonnet

​​Components under the bonnet area operate in a challenging high heat environment in gasoline cars.​​​Long term heat ageing, peak heat and oil resistance are the key requirements for under the bonnet applications. With the fast growth of electric vehicles which has lower temperature environment, glass fibre reinforced PP compounds can be used to replace PA for critical applications

Borouge's and Borealis' Fibremod™ and Daplen™ product series are used in the air intake manifold, front end carrier, HVAC housing, battery case cover, under body shield and so on.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Weight saving and system cost saving comparing with PA-GF material
  • Excellent material performance independent of humidity
  • Good long term heat ageing performance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Suitable for part integration
  • Excellent fatigue behaviour
  • Recycled material for sustainability
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