Responsible Sourcing

​​At Borouge, we are fully committed to the wellbeing of society and preservation of the environment, while addressing the economic expectations of our shareholders. We aim to do business in a way that protects and enhances the lives of workers across our supply chain, while preserving the environment – and therefore we commit to the Responsible Sourcing of our products and services. As this extends beyond the boundaries of our own operations, we collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that they too conduct their business and operations responsibly.

To deliver upon this commitment, at Borouge we established specific requirements, in relation to Workers Protection, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), and Ethics that all our suppliers and sub-suppliers are required to meet. While the minimum obligation for all Borouge contractors and suppliers is to comply with the laws and regulations of the region of their operations, at Borouge we expect them to implement the necessary systems and controls to ensure compliance to the Borouge Responsible Sourcing Commitment.

Borouge workers protection standard

​​In line with our S​​ustainability and Procurement Policies, as well as our commitment to Responsible Care® and Social Responsibility, the Borouge Workers Protection Standard is based primarily on the International Social Accountability SA8000 Standard and United Nations Global Compact, while our HSE rules and conditions are based on laws and regulations, international best practices and ADNOC's Code of Practice.

​​We continuously engage with our suppliers to ensure that together, we can make a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of our people and protection of the environment, and that all our business practices are conducted ethically.

​​ Our online Anonymous Reporting facility is an open door for communities and employees to help us on our journey towards sustainability. Borouge contractors and suppliers, and their sub-contractors and sub-suppliers, are expected to conduct their business ethically and protect the rights and wellbeing of their workers by complying firstly with local and national laws and then with the following requirements of these 10 focus areas. In the event of any changes to national laws, this will supersede any internal requirements.


Borouge workers protection s​tandard​

  • No children under the age of 15 years or the minimum age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is the highest, are employed either directly or indirectly by the contractor
  • No children under the age of 18 are employed for hazardous, dangerous or exhausting work, work detrimental to their health, or after 8pm
  • Children under the age of 18 do not work overtime​
  • Employees are provided with voluntary and full freedom of movement related to their employment and are not bound by any financial threats, such as penalties or loss of rights and privileges .
  • The contractor may safeguard employees' personal documents and/or belongings with their permission, without any form of threat or intimidation, provided they can be returned directly to them within five hours .
  • Employees are not subject to any form of exploitation and no employment fees or commissions are paid by them or their family prior to employment .
  • All employees are informed of their rights and obligations related to employment and termination .
  • All employees are treated fairly and without discrimination during recruitment and employment .
  • All employees may perform their religious obligations without restriction or hindrance .
  • There is no discrimination against employees with special needs or medical conditions, unless it impacts their ability to perform their role.
  • A normal work week is no more than 48 hours per employee with the exception of certain services
  • Overtime is always voluntary and does not exceed 2 hours per day, unless it is for preventing the occurrence of a gross loss or severe accident .
  • One off-day as minimum per week is provided .
  • Pauses of up to one hour per five hours is provided .
  • Employees are provided with annual leave equal to or above national laws .
  • Transparent and accurate records of employees’ attendance are recorded by the contractor .
*In the UAE, and for certain service providers such as catering and security services, UAE labour laws may allow for a normal week of 54 hours instead of 48 hours. In China, a normal week is 40 hours with a maximum overtime per day of 3 hours allowable (up to 36 hours per month).
  • Comprehensive final offers of employment are agreed in writing prior to employment
  • Subsequent changes to employment contracts are mutually agreed and documented .
  • Employees' net remuneration is equal to or above the legal minimum wage, with total agreed deductions not exceeding the limits specified in the relevant applicable laws .
  • Legally mandated benefits, such as employees’ compensation and medical insurance, are provided .
  • Employees are paid regularly as contractually agreed, either monthly or weekly and on time, without illegal deductions or penalties .
  • The contractor provides accurate and detailed remuneration information to the employees, and maintains accurate current and historical payroll records .
  • Employees are provided with an opportunity to collectively or individually express their concerns and expectations without discrimination and retaliation.
  • Employees may, within the allowances of local and national laws, bargain collectively without discrimination or retaliation .
  • Employees are protected from any form of physical, verbal or emotional harassment, or the threat thereof .
  • Employees can appeal against disciplinary actions free from any threat of punishment or retaliation .
  • The contractor has an Ethics Policy and provides regular training and awareness sessions to all its employees, so that remedial actions can be taken for any breaches.
  • There is a well-communicated process to report grievances or provide feedback, either directly or anonymously, including whistle-blowing, free from any threat of punishment or retaliation .
  • The contractor and his employees comply with the Corporate Ethics Policy of Borouge at all times and report any knowledge of any breach at the company.
  • Where applicable, the rights to property and land of indigenous people are protected within the framework of Free, Prior and Informed Consent .
  • The contractor does not source any materials or products containing minerals from conflict-affected regions impacting workers' rights .
  • Workers should always be communicated to in a language they fully understand .
  • Infringements and input to the Borouge Workers Protection Standard may be reported personally to the Borouge Contract Administrator and anonymously through  .

Health, safety and​ environment

Health and Safety is the top most priority for Borouge and our suppliers are expected to share the same priority. In addition to aiming for zero accidents, Borouge is committed to reducing its environment impact across our operations.

Borouge suppliers, and sub-suppliers, are expected to comply firstly with local and national laws and then with the Health, Safety and Environment Rules and Conditions that embraces the following expectations. Detailed requirements are available from Borouge's Corporate HSE based on the Risk Profile of the Supplier.

  • The Company has a Health and Safety Management System, ideally conforming to the OHSAS 18001 international Health and Safety Standard .
  • The Company has an Environmental Management System, ideally conforming to the ISO 14001 international Environmental Management System Standards.
  • The Company contributes to Borouge's ISO50001 Energy Management System to optimise its energy efficiency.
  • The Company's management leads by example and visibly demonstrates, either individually or collectively, that all business decisions are taken in line with Health, Safety and Environment .
  • The Company has Health, Safety and Environment strategic objectives and action plans .
  • Key Performance Indicators include lagging and leading indicators .
  • The Company contributes to Borouge's environmental targets .
  • All employees receive effective training on Health and Safety aspects .
  • Employees receive Environment awareness training .
  • Accurate training records are maintained by the Company .
  • The Company systematically identifies and eliminates potential hazards and their possibility to harm individuals.
  • Comprehensive emergency response procedures are supported by regular simulation exercises and drills.
  • Employees are provided with regular emergency response awareness and training .
  • The Company has a Health, Safety and Environment incidents reporting system in place including near-miss incident reporting.
  • All employees are informed of Borouge's incident reporting system .
  • Health, Safety and Environment incidents are investigated and action plans implemented to prevent reoccurrence .
  • Infringements and input to the HSE Rules and Conditions may be reported anonymously through

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Ethics flourish in a culture of openness, trust and integ​rity in business practices. At Borouge, we care as much about how results are achieved as we care about the results themselves. Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of everyone and we work with all of our suppliers to ensure ethical business practices throughout the supply chain.