Sustainability Goals

In 2015, we developed a set of Sustainability Goals to enhance the long-term sustainable development of Borouge. There are six goals based on People, Planet and Profit, and each has quantifiable targets covering a broad spectrum of the operations and activities of Borouge

​​The targets were rolled out in 2016, and are designed to optimise the social,environmental, and economic impact of our operations. Our Sustainability Goals were developed through in-depth collaboration and engagement with the organisation and the Borouge Sustainability Committee. As they are company-wide goals, everyone can contribute to their achievement

The following illustration demonstrates the outcomes of our 2021 Sustainability Goals.​​

We successfully achieved all of our 2021 Sustainability People Goals. However, we did not meet two targets from the Planet and Profit goals. This was due to our current strategy transformation, as our innovation strategy advances, these two goals no longer apply to our operations’ priorities as we move towards a more sustainable product portfolio

The Product Sustainability Index (PSI) goal focused on assessing products or grades related to single use plastic packaging. However, our business strategy changed to minimise these and focus on advanced packaging solutions


People Social Responsibility

Results Protect and Promote the
Well-Being of Our People
Foster the Welfare of
Our Common Lifes
We will consistently outperform the industry's benchmark for occupational safety We will introduce a Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct for our Suppliers
We will significantly increase the UAE National workforce in line with national targets We will increase the number of local suppliers of chemicals, additives and packaging by 8% 8%
We will fully implement our Employee Engagement survey's Action Plans We will introduce 4 new community initiatives 4

Planet Environ​mental Stewardship

Results Optimise the Use of Our
Improve the Environmental
Impact of Our Products
-29% We will reduce our energy consumption by 14% per tonne produced We will reduce our flaring by 60% per tonne produced -75%
-16% We will decrease our consumption of industrial water by 6% per tonne produced We will decrease our hazardous waste by 40% -47%
99% We will continuously utilise at least 98% of our available feedstock We will ensure that more than half of our innovation projects have a minimum. Product Sustainability Index of 70% 35%

Profit Economic Growth

Results Secure Our Future &
Enhance Our Reputation
Pursue Economic
Prosperity & Growth
We will consistently outperform the industry's benchmark for process safety We will achieve the targets of our "Excellence" programme
We will fully embed robust Business Continuity Plans for our prioritised business processes We will increase the volume of polymers we bring to the market by 65% 36%
-67% We will decrease our justified product and service complaints by more than 40% We will increase the proportion of new products sales to 20% 25%

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