Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Advocacy Overview

​​​Borouge has committed itself to explore and drive opportunities towards a circular economy. Reducing our impact on the environment and the accumulation of land and marine litter due to the irresponsible behaviour of some members of society and the arbitrary disposal of waste, requires concerted efforts and collaboration across the value chain. 

​As a responsible petrochemicals company, Borouge believes that achieving a zero waste plastics circular economy requires strong and concerted actions by governments, industry, consumers, and society. We strongly advocate the reuse of plastic products and the recycling of post consumer plastic waste into second generation products and therefore in 2021, we continued our efforts as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and towards a circular economy. These efforts are aligned with the recent updates to our corporate strategy that have strengthened our focus to drive and explore opportunities that a circular economy provides.

At Borouge, we continue to provide and further develop solutions that are fully recyclable, and we have achieved our ambition to add recyclates as part of our product portfolio. Therefore, we are developing new ways to reduce material use, extend the durability of products, promote new designs that enhance reuse and recycling, and encourage the use of recyclates where possible across our value chain.​​​​​​​​

Packaging Centre of Excellence (PCoE)

Borouge Innovation Centre has established the Packaging Centre of Excellence (PCoE) to drive a circular economy and encourage cross-value chain collaboration. PCoE in close collaboration with the Circular Economy Team based in Singapore, has contributed to the technical development, evaluation and screening of recycled PE and PP from recycling partners. The team developed various proof of concept for Post-consumer Recyclates (PCR) containing packaging solutions, as well as fully recyclable mono-material solutions based on Borouge products. For sustainable packaging applications, Borouge collaborates with its value chain partners to develop and commercialise mono-material laminates suitable for everyday use.

Borouge created an ultra-high stiffness, high-density polyethylene with a formulation designed for lamitubes to enable a mono-material flexible packaging solution for toothpaste tubes, enabling these tubes to be recycled rather than ending up as plastic waste. The advancement of mono-material packaging with quality performance and functionality is a major breakthrough for advancing circularity.​​


Borouge Officially Adds Recyclates to its Portfolio

As a result of our continuous efforts, in 2021, Borouge officially added recyclates to its portfolio. Borouge entered into an agreement with Singapore-based recycling company, Plaspulp Union Pte Ltd. to officially commercialise mechanically recycled polyolefins. We now offer recyclates along with virgin polyolefin solutions, marking an important milestone in realising our 2030 strategy and becoming a total solutions provider.


Borouge enters into collaboration to expand recyclate portfolio in China In 2021

Borouge signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Suzhou Jinhui Technology Materials Co. Ltd (Suzhou Jinhui). This collaboration will enable Borouge to access recyclates in China, in addition to further developing and commercialising new packaging applications that incorporate recyclates, while driving sustainability and meeting the rising demand for circular packaging.